Like a Hurricane in the Construction Industry

Like a Hurricane in the Construction Industry

08th June 2016

No, we're not talking about the Neil Young song here (there's a great version of it on his Unplugged album for anybody who's interested) - we're talking about Hurricane Season here in the UK. While we all know that British weather can leave a lot to be desired, especially during the summer months, in recent years we've seen some extremes of weather in the UK that have left some of us absolutely flummoxed. Whether this is due to global warming (and you can be forgiven for thinking that's a bit of a misnomer as there doesn't seem to be much heat going on in the summer), or whether it's just a part of a natural cycle of planetary weather changes, the weather can have a serious knock-on effect on building projects, delaying progress and presenting challenges when it comes to health and safety at work. This is never more apparent than when it comes to working at height, one of the most dangerous practices in the construction sector, despite strict health and safety legislation designed to protect workers from accidents and injuries.

It seems that we now have to deal with the "Atlantic Hurricane Season" which officially runs from the beginning of June to the end of November! According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) tropical cyclones are "among nature's most powerful and destructive phenomena". This puts our coastlines in the UK at risk of extreme winds, storm surge and flooding from rainwater. When a hurricane does hit land, everywhere in its path is at risk from high winds, flooding and thunderstorms. The 2016 Hurricane Season is predicted to be worse than usual so being prepared is an essential part of forward planning in order to avoid or minimise the risks involved.

While the construction industry as a whole is likely to be affected by heavy storms and hurricanes, those who work at height are particularly at risk. Here at Safety Fabrications, we're dedicated to fabricating products that enable work at height to be carried out with as little risk as possible - that's why we pride ourselves on offering the best quality access equipment, including safety ladders, work platforms, fall protection posts and bespoke products tailored to our customers' individual needs. Everything is fabricated from the best quality materials, and bear the CE Mark required by health and safety legislation to protect the end user. All our products are designed by a team of specialists who thoroughly understand the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR 2005) and are manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 3834-2:2005 and BS EN 1090-2:2008.

With the Hurricane Season already underway, next week we're going to take a look at some of the things that construction company owners and managers can do to ensure that their employees are protected as effectively as possible from the effects of any storms that we see over the summer months. After all, health and safety of the workforce is a vital consideration, especially here in the UK construction sector.