How to Stand Out as a Safety Professional in Your Workplace

How to Stand Out as a Safety Professional in Your Workplace

12th October 2020

Safety management is a complicated and tricky job even for professionals with significant experience in the field. The professionals should spearhead the drive for a safe work environment and a strong safety culture. A good safety professional requires full dedication to the job and drawing boundaries that help them keep control of their time. If you are looking for ways to stand out in your workplace as a safety professional but do not know where to start, you have come to the right place. Here are a few crucial tips to help you.


  1. Have and Rely on Your Safety Committee

Safety committees can be very essential in managing your safety programs. You need to put your committee to full use to reap the success you need. Frequent and regular meetings are important to ensure the members are actively and directly involved in safety management. The committee can arrange for regular safety audits to help ensure compliance with all safety requirements and that safety issues are identified and addressed as soon as possible as well. Committees can also be of good help in handling other vital safety considerations such as worker safety training and incident investigation. These are things that you could hardly manage on your own and reach your safety goal.


  1. Spread the Load

As mentioned above, safety is a complicated and tricky job to do, especially if you don’t have a good plan in place. You should clarify responsibilities and ensure that the supervisors and department heads do their share of the work. However, you’ll need to be on the forefront to ensure everyone plays their role as required and are held accountable for their actions. You should come up with detailed procedures and policies and clearly communicate them to every relevant member of the workforce.


  1. Be the First to Bring Attention to Workplace Safety

All safety professionals should be natural safety stewards who take on active roles in showing the management and workers how safety should be done. You need to wear your personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever necessary to be an example to others. Encourage your workforce to always consider purchasing products that meet relevant health and safety standards, such as CE marked fabrications. This will help bring attention to the importance of workplace safety and everyone will know safety rules and policies are for everyone to follow, regardless of position. Being first also means ensuring all workers are properly trained and retrained on all safety practices and how to operate different equipment. You should, therefore, ensure to regularly update your safety programs to include all the latest guidelines on safety.


  1. Use outside Resources

You’ll need all the resources you can get if you want to succeed in your profession and at the same time ensuring the safety of your workforce. You may consider hiring outside consultants to help train your workforce on some safety tasks or purchase training program videos and implement them in your program. Oftentimes, the police and local fire staff can help with emergency training and disaster preparations. When outsourcing the safety help, ensure that all the members are available since it is usually a once-in-a-while activity.