How to Impress with Work Experience in the Construction Industry

How to Impress with Work Experience in the Construction Industry

27th July 2016

In the past few weeks we’ve been looking at work experience in the construction industry with information for both employers and those who want to carve out a career in construction in the future.  If you’re a student or young person who has ambitions to work in the construction industry then you’re probably going to be facing the prospect of doing some sort of work experience or an internship within that sector before finishing your education.  Today we’re going to take a look at how you can make the most of any work experience placement and make a great impression on your temporary employer – you never know, if they’re impressed enough, you may even be offered your first real job at the end of your time there.  Whether you’re offered a permanent job or not, you’re likely to need references from the employer at some point in the future and a great reference will go a long way towards securing you a decent job when you’re ready for one.#

Use the following tips to make sure that both you and your employer get the most out of your work experience:

·         Be Clear - Whether you’re undertaking work experience for a few weeks, the whole summer or you have a yearlong internship with the company, you’re likely to be asked to take on some responsibilities or given your own part of a project to manage under supervision.  Before you begin, make sure you fully understand what you’re responsible for and what is expected of you at every state.  Any employer would much rather that you ask detailed questions rather than make an educated guess as to what you are supposed to be doing.

·         Be Enthusiastic – One of the best ways to impress an employer is to have a great attitude towards your work and get stuck into any challenges that you face.  Treat everything, however mundane and boring, as a learning opportunity.   Once you finish a task, don’t wait around for somebody to tell you what to do next – go and ask what else needs to be done, this shows initiative.  Show an interest in the project as a whole and not just the part of the project you’re working on – being able to see the big picture is a great characteristic when it comes to work.  Keep up with industry news and events so that you’re au fait with everything going on in the construction sector and can discuss this knowledgeably if the opportunity arises.

·         Be Attentive – When working in the construction industry it’s vital that you get the details right.  It’s also a good idea to pay particular attention to health and safety and play your part in taking a responsible attitude towards your own health and safety and that of others.  If you breach any health and safety regulations this could have serious consequences for you, for your colleagues and for your employer, so make sure you know all of the rules and regulations before you begin.