How Hiring an Apprentice Brings Benefits to your Construction Company

How Hiring an Apprentice Brings Benefits to your Construction Company

09th January 2019

Here at Safety Fabrications, we’re all firm advocates for apprenticeships as we believe that attracting a new generation of workers into construction is essential for the success of our industry in future.  We need to be promoting our industry to the brightest and best of our school leavers so that the 21st Century construction sector in Britain can benefit from all they have to offer.   With so many opportunities available, construction makes a great career choice and, not only do we need an army of new recruits, we also need to increase diversity in the workforce to truly reflect society and make it easier for minority groups (including females) to join us in meeting the challenges that we’re likely to face in the coming years.

Not all students want to attend university full time as it’s become an expensive proposition and graduates nowadays start their working life with student debts that can seem overwhelming.  Not all building and construction work needs a degree qualification but this does not mean that the jobs are unskilled – it’s more likely that the jobs entail learning physical skills that cannot be taught in a classroom or lecture hall.  Hands on experience is absolutely necessary for so many of the jobs available in construction and an apprenticeship is a sure-fire way of putting youngsters on the road to gaining the skills and expertise that will be required for a successful career in their chosen field. 

Some school leavers just cannot afford to go to university and pay tuition fees, especially those who already have family obligations.  An apprentice does not have to pay for their training – they actually have the chance to earn as they learn which can be an attractive option for many youngsters.  By serving an apprenticeship, they are also more likely to achieve the qualifications necessary to earn more in the future as they will have the skills and knowledge necessary to do so.

From a construction company owner’s point of view, taking on an apprentice can be a way to future proof your business.  Construction is changing as a result of the adoption of digital technology and new developments in both materials and methods of construction.  Training an apprentice is a great way of keeping your company current in terms of skills and practice.  It’s also a cost-effective way of getting the job done and there are special provisions for small to medium enterprises to keep the cost of recruitment low.

Typically, an apprentice will work within the company for four days each week and spend one day a week at a local university or college, working towards gaining a professional qualification.  Nearly 80% of employers who have taken on an apprentice claim that they have seen an improvement in overall productivity, which is always welcome.  It’s also the case that apprentices help businesses to increase their staff retention rates and reduce recruitment costs. 

The employers who benefit most from offering apprenticeships are those who look ahead and take a long term view.  They see the potential that investing in an apprentice can bring to their business in the form of helping to meet the skills gap and improved productivity.