How To Choose The Right Step Stool For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Step Stool For Your Home

08th April 2014

If you’re on the short side, chances are that you need to use a step stool of some sort around your home.  This may be necessary in order to reach items on top shelves in cupboards around the house, but especially so in the kitchen where many useful everyday objects and utensils will need to be in the top cupboards to make the most of the space you have available.  Rather than risk using a chair or stool to stand on, the safest option is to buy a specifically designed step stool and we’re taking a look at what’s on offer.

One of the safest options is to buy a plastic or metal kick step stool – just like the ones you see in your local library.  These kick steps are specially designed to provide the safest method of reaching the heights you need.  Kick steps will usually take a weight of up 150 kg and the innovative design means that they are easy to move and use, usually featuring spring loaded castors which retract once weight is applied to offer a stable step up when you need it.  Whether they are manufactured from plastic or steel, these kick steps are usually just under 18 inches high.  They take up little floor space and can easily be stashed under a table when not in use.

If you’re after something a little more stylish, then IKEA supply a step stool made from solid beech wood that’s 20 inches high and also doubles as a stool or side table.  The ‘seat’ part even has a hand hole for maximum portability.  This is basically a small platform that’s reached by just one step that will allow access to the highest cupboards in the house.

There are all kinds of step stools available for children to help them reach the bathroom sink and the work counters in the kitchen.  However, if you’re tempted to make do with one of these, bear in mind that they’ve been designed to hold toddlers and may not be strong enough to bear the weight of an adult.

One of the safest options available is a step stool with a support handle.  These are usually quite low and the handle is used to maintain balance during use.  Although they offer a super safe way of accessing top cupboards, this type will only be an option if the cupboards aren’t too high or if you’re not too short.

If its luxury coupled with versatility that you’re looking for, then look no further.  It’s possible to get a small chair that converts into a small set of steps.  This will surely allow you access to just about the highest cupboards you may want to reach in a safe and stylish manner.  When not being climbed on, the unit can be used as a wooden chair with a back to add an extra chic seating option in your kitchen.  While this may not be the cheapest option available, the added versatility makes it well worth the extra expense.