How to Choose the Right Plant Platform

How to Choose the Right Plant Platform

10th March 2021

Plant platform is a catch-all phrase used to describe an elevated work platform that is used to enable workers to reach and work on areas or machinery that are difficult to otherwise access.  Plant platforms come in all manner of shapes and sizes and are used in a wide range of situations in industry.  They enable workers to safely access work and/or inspection areas in both industrial and commercial premises and have a variety of applications.

Because the law requires employers and business owners to provide their workers with the safest possible means of carrying out the work expected of them, ensuring a method of safe access to difficult to reach areas is essential in order to comply with health and safety legislation.

Because each different industry has a specific set of requirements, plant platforms need to be designed to suit the specific needs of each industry.  Moreover, because industrial and commercial premises differ so widely, even within a particular industry, some plant platforms will need to be individually tailored, not just to suit their purpose, but in many cases to suit a specific space within the premises.  Some plant platforms will be designed for indoor use only, whilst others that are destined to be used outdoors, will need to be robust enough to withstand the elements.

There are generic style plant platforms that are versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications and these are often the choice of many business owners.  There is a wide range available.  There are also plant platform components which are designed to be used together to provide access to work areas.  With a range of components to choose from, many business owners will be able to find the right combination to suit their requirements.

However, when it comes to a plant platform that is to be used for one specific purpose only, it may be necessary to opt for a bespoke solution in order to ensure the highest level of worker safety.  When choosing a bespoke solution, it’s vital to find an expert service provider who will design exactly what is needed to suit its purpose. 

This means that you’ll need to find an access provider who will work closely with you, often visiting your premises, who will design a fixed plant platform that suits your exact needs, whilst complying with health and safety regulations.  Try to find a company that has experience of providing a plant platform design service that you can rely on.  The company you choose should have its own fabrication shop where your platform will be made.  They should use structural steel components that are safety-critical, comply with BS EN 1090-1 and are CE Marked.

When it comes to access, you need to ensure that any plant platform you choose is, above all else, safe to use and specific to the tasks at hand. You’ll also need to ensure that any workers (and visitors) using the plant platform to achieve access are fully trained in the safe use of the chosen plant platform.