How To Buy The Best Telescopic Ladder

How To Buy The Best Telescopic Ladder

25th March 2014

One of the best extension ladders to hit the market is recent years is the telescopic (or telescoping) ladder that’s adjustable in length to suit a wide range of purposes.  These types of ladders are becoming increasingly popular for both industrial and domestic use.  Their unique portability has resulted in the telescopic ladder being currently ranked as the most efficient and useful type of ladder you can buy.


The innovative design of a telescopic ladder means that each section of the ladder is able to collapse down into the section below it.  Each rung sits on top of the next lowest rung and the whole unit usually collapses down to a mere 90 cm or so.  When fully retracted, a telescopic ladder fits easily into a small car, making them very convenient to store and transport.  Gone are the days when loaning somebody a ladder meant strapping it onto the roof rack of a vehicle with rags hanging on each end as a hazard warning.

A telescopic ladder can be used at any height you require – just open it up to the appropriate height, lock it in place and away you go.  Whether you use it at half-height, three quarters or full height, this type of ladder offers a level of convenience and efficiency that is hard to beat.



These ladders retract into such a small space that they are easy to store, even in the smallest of houses or apartments, making them the natural choice for domestic use.  Some telescopic ladders come with their own carry case which means that they can be neatly stored out of sight but are always within easy reach when needed.  There is no need to store them in a garage or shed, a telescopic ladder can easily be stashed under a bed, in a cupboard or behind a door.

If you need to take a ladder with you to use on a DIY job for a friend, then this is the ladder of choice – just pick it up, pop it in the car and off you go.  The domestic versions of these ladders are usually very lightweight (usually below 12 kg), making them totally portable.  However, they are not lightweight when it comes to function and a good quality telescopic ladder will have a maximum stable load of up to 150 kg.


  • Make sure that the ladder you buy complies with European Safety Standard EN131.  
  • Make sure the ladder has an efficient locking feature for maximum usability.
  • The ladder should come with a solid stabilizer bar to ensure maximum safety at all times (always use the stabilizer bar).
  • Make sure the telescopic ladder you buy has safety technology which will prevent jammed fingers when collapsing the ladder.
  • There are many telescopic ladders on the market and you generally get what you pay for.  Make sure you buy a branded ladder as most unbranded types will be made abroad and of inferior quality.