Homeowners and Building Managers – Getting Ready for Winter

Homeowners and Building Managers – Getting Ready for Winter

10th November 2017

Now that the clocks have changed it seems that we’re well into the winter months and all that they bring here in the UK.  With weather forecasters promising a cold and dreary winter, now is the time to make sure that the exterior of your home is winter-proofed and will withstand all that the UK weather has to throw at it over the cold winter months.  Maintaining the exterior of your home is vital if you want your home to keep its value and keep you and your family cosy and warm during the coming harsh weather.  Today we have some useful tips for building and home owners on how to make sure your outside spaces are ready to bear the brunt of the winter’s cold.

The first thing to check when preparing for winter is your roof.  If it’s a pitched roof with tiles, then going into the loft space is the easiest way – look for any daylight coming through as this means that roof tiles or slates may be loose or missing.  If it’s a flat roof, you’ll need to check the roofing membrane for weak spots or damage which may allow rain to seep in.  Whatever type of roof you have, if there is any damage at all, you’ll need to attend to this before the winter starts in earnest.  Hiring the services of a professional roofing company is probably the best way to get your roof repaired ready for winter.

Leaves and other debris falling from trees and bushes can cause many problems, the most common of which is blocked guttering.  Cleaning the guttering may seem like a simple job, but if you pay attention to ladder safety, you’ll know that using a ladder for a job that takes more than 30 minutes or so isn’t advisable.  If you plan on clearing the guttering yourself, you may want to hire a work platform to use when carrying out the task – it’s much safer than using a ladder.  On the other hand, why not get in touch with one of your local handyman services and hire them to do the job for you.

One of the best ways to guard against blocked gutters and downpipes is to have gutter guards installed which will prevent the debris from settling into the lower half of the gutter and causing a blockage.

Fallen leaves and other vegetation will also make paths slippery if they’re not cleared up in a timely manner.  Try to sweep your paths and patios at least twice a week over the winter months so that debris doesn’t build up and present a slip hazard.  Mosses and lichen growing on your path and patio paving slabs may make them look weathered and more pleasing to the eye, but these too cause the surface to become slippery underfoot, so the cleaner your paving slabs, the less likely you are to slip on them.

Any external woodwork on the building will need extra protection over the winter.  Chipped or flaking paint will result in wood rot so make sure that all the exterior woodwork on your building is properly sealed before the really wet weather begins.