Health and Safety at Work Success – Treat it as an Olympic Sport

Health and Safety at Work Success – Treat it as an Olympic Sport

15th September 2016

Health and safety is an issue that we take very seriously here at Safety Fabrications – after all, we manufacture safe access equipment for those who work at height and we appreciate that working at height is one of the most dangerous jobs around, despite strict health and safety regulations designed to minimise the risks involved.  Occupational health and safety specialists would do well to take a leaf out of the book of Olympians when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.  Olympic athletes have a few tricks up their sleeves that they use in order to stay focused on their goals and achieve success when it comes to their field and there are some parallels to be drawn that we can use in the construction industry in order to achieve success in avoiding accidents and incidents that result in injuries.

Some of the methods used by top athletes include:

  • Learning from the best – getting tips from other top athletes in their field
  • Finding the best coach to make sure that they get all the help and encouragement they need to achieve their goals
  • Mentally preparing to plan for success
  • Regular training in order to achieve consistent improvement – the training is the focus of their day and they attempt to improve a little each time they train.

When it comes to learning from the best in occupational health and safety, the best model available includes three basic parts:

  • Tackling the health risks present within the workplace in order to address the effect on health
  • Making sure each worker is fit enough to complete the tasks at hand when they arrive on site and protecting their health and safety throughout the project
  • Using the workplace to promote safe and healthy behaviour both at work and during their day to day lives.

Planning for success means highlighting the importance of assessing occupational health risks during the design stage of any project and in the forward planning of the works.  Identifying and eliminating (or reducing) these health and safety hazards at an early stage is essential.  Assessing the health of workers on a one to one basis is an important element of protection, but collective protection will make their jobs healthier and safer and have a much great effect on reducing risks in the working environment.

Finding the best coach means employing the best occupational health provider to help create a strategy that will lead to an excellent health and safety record for your company.  You’ll need to ensure that your occupational health provider satisfies the following criteria:

  • Possesses the knowledge, experience and organisational skills necessary to deliver a holistic health and safety strategy.
  • Understands the type of work your company does along with the workforce and the working environment.

Regular training  combined with a strategy of making occupational health a natural part of the de4sign, planning and risk assessment process is critical to achieving improvement when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.  This also means that you will need an effective method of record keeping when it comes to health and safety so that you can measure improvements effectively.