Health and Safety - The Business Benefits

Health and Safety - The Business Benefits

05th May 2015

The British Safety Council (BSC) has re-affirmed the importance of creating an awareness of the benefits to business of good health and safety.   In a bid to demonstrate how a greater understanding of effective health and safety management can be good for business, the BSC has released a series of short videos.  The videos were produced with the assistance of experts from the European Agency on Safety and Health and Work (EU – OSHA) to supplement a written report that compiles research and evidence on the benefits to business.

Dr. Dietmar Elsler, project manager at the EU-OSHA states that “The evidence is clear – it shows that investing in health and safety produces a financial return for employers and helps to improve working conditions for workers.”  With guaranteed economic benefits to be leveraged, there is no excuse for neglecting health and safety in the workplace and employers who do so are likely to face stiff fines here in the UK.

Joscelyne Shaw, acting policy and communications director at the BSC, said “The International Labour Organisation estimates that every year over 2.3 million people globally are senselessly killed due to workplace injury and work related ill health and an estimated 4% of global GDP is lost due to health and safety failure.”  As the current recession draws towards a close, it’s vital that businesses across the UK reflect on adopting a sensible approach to health and safety management. 

As a result of the strict legislation on health and safety in the workplace that we have in the UK, many businesses are committed to ensuring that their staff are not injured or made ill by the work they do.  There is an increasing recognition of the value to businesses of a preventative strategy which is beneficial not only to the business, but to society in general.  The BSC is urging businesses here in Britain to take advantage of growth opportunities in the future while promoting awareness of health and safety issues.  The BSC offers businesses resources and support and is committed to sharing its insight to enable others to learn about the benefits of an effective health and safety policy.

The construction industry is a high risk industry, both here in the UK and in other countries around the world.  This means that health and safety must be taken seriously by construction companies who have a legal obligation to ensure that safe working practices are followed and that they do everything practicable to reduce or avoid risks wherever possible. 

However, although the onus is on employers to provide a safe working environment, we all have our part to play in increasing health and safety in the workplace.  Workers have a responsibility towards themselves and their colleagues to work in a safe and sensible manner at all times and to report potential hazards to the appropriate person so that they can be rectified.