Have your Say in how Brexit will Impact the UK Construction Sector

Have your Say in how Brexit will Impact the UK Construction Sector

24th January 2017

While many of us make New Year resolutions at the beginning of the year, these t end to usually be of a personal nature.  Health and safety professionals here in the UK are being urged to make some New Year resolutions of a more professional nature in order to e4nsure that 2017 proves to be a prosperous and productive year.  Some of the areas that could be considered when it comes to making changes and improvements include:

Making sure you’re fully up to date with legislation and regulations.  Last year brought many changes to us here in the UK, particularly with the Brexit vote and some changes in attitudes in the workplace.  With regard to occupational health and safety, Brexit is raising many questions, especially when we consider that most of our binding legislation is derived from EU legislation.  When Article 50 is triggered we will begin to disengage from the EU which will mean that the UK government could change (or even drop) some of these regulations. 

Recently there has been speculation as to how the Health and Safety at Work Act and it’s Brussels equivalent, the 1989 Health and Safety Framework Directive, could be affected should the government decide to water down regulation as a means of removing some of the red tape policies.  With such sweeping changes on the horizon, it’s more important than ever right now that health and safety professionals are aware of any amendments to law so that they can ensure that their services continue to meet legal and safe working requirements in order to offer adequate levels of protection to workers here in the UK.

One of the construction industry’s foremost publications, Building.co.uk, is currently carrying out research into the industry’s views on what type of Brexit would most benefit the sector.  The results of the research will be used in the House of Lords to scrutinise the government’s Brexit proposals.  This means that as a stakeholder in the construction industry here in the UK, you can have your say when it comes to Brexit.  You can take part in a short survey that should take less than ten minutes to complete.  With less than twenty questions to answer, your response is guaranteed to remain anonymous.  Questions will focus on issues which include:

·         The type of Brexit deal which would work best for the construction industry

·         The transitional arrangements which would be necessary for the industry

·         Further action that could be taken by the government to support the industry as it delivers the built environment priorities here in the UK.

This is a critical time for the sector and it’s vital that as many stakeholders as possible have their say in the changes that will shape our industry in the coming years.  If you want to make a valuable contribution to the future of health and safety in the construction industry in the UK, then why not head on over to the Building.co.uk website and complete the survey?