Happy Feet Working on a Construction Site

Happy Feet Working on a Construction Site

01st May 2019

Anybody working in a construction site here in the UK will be aware that it can be a dangerous job with so many risks involved.  This is why we have such stringent legislation governing construction work, and work at height in particular.  A fall from height is still the major cause of fatalities and serious injuries in the workplace, despite year-on-year efforts to reduce the number of accidents and incidents with legislation, awareness campaigns and safety equipment.  Here at Safety Fabrications, we manufacture access equipment, such as safety ladders, fixed access ladders, step units and walkways to make working at height as safe as possible.  However, it’s not just the ladders and other equipment that guard against falls from height – the personal protective equipment (PPE) recommended for construction work and work at height is also designed to reduce risks.  Today we’re going to take a look at the importance of wearing the correct type of footwear.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), all construction workers are expected to wear protective footwear on site when doing heavy work.  Just take a look at these good reasons for making sure you wear sturdy, protective footwear.

The bones in the feet are fairly delicate and can easily be damaged.  Furthermore, any muscle or tendon damage may prevent normal movement for several months.  Steel toecaps will protect against damage caused by dropped objects.  The steel plate in the midsole of protective work boots will protect your feet from puncture wounds should you step on a nail or other sharp object.   The work boots should feature a good, solid, non-slip sole – this is a vital consideration on construction sites, especially for those who work at height.  A non-slip sole is absolutely essential when it comes to using ladders, work platforms and other work at height access solutions – a slip at height can have fatal or life-changing consequences.

Anybody who works on or enters a building site should be supplied with a basic standard of safety footwear by their employer.  You should not have to pay for this footwear but will be expected to look after it properly so that it lasts a reasonable amount of time.  If you have any medical reason that results in you being unable to wear basic standard safety footwear, your employer should provide footwear that is suitable for your condition.

All safety footwear for use on construction sites should be CE marked and comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002.