Great Things come in Small Packages – Good News for SME Construction Companies

Great Things come in Small Packages – Good News for SME Construction Companies

17th July 2018

Some great news for small to medium construction companies here in the UK – apparently, consumers are twice as likely to feel “very satisfied” with the quality of their new home if it was built by a small and medium sized house builder, according to new research carried out by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).  When researching satisfaction rates among those who have bought a new home in the past five years, twice as many people (36%) revealed that they are very satisfied with the quality of their new build home when purchased from a SME house builder.  That’s compared with those whose home was built by one of the top twenty large building companies (17%).

There has been a popular misconception, according to Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, that newly built homes are of poorer quality than traditional period properties that were built to last, many using skills that we are trying so hard to preserve here in the UIK.  However, for small local house builders, that’s a frustrating challenge that they have to overcome in order to thrive.  Moreover, small building companies are committed to building high quality new build homes as delivering a great quality service is paramount to their success in future. 

For small, local builders, their reputation is a vital aspect of the success of their business operations – with so many builders living in the areas in which they operate and being hired following word of mouth recommendations, delivering quality is an essential element of the work they undertake for families and property owners around the UK.  Quite simply, if they do a shoddy job, they’re not likely to be in business very long.  This is why so many SME construction company owners are committed to providing their clients with a great customer experience, providing exactly what the customer wants, within budget and within schedule.  The success of each project they undertake contributes towards building the future success of their business so they are well motivated to making sure that they do a great job every single time, for every single client.  This is the way in which SME construction companies can compete with the big boys in the business.

SME construction companies typically operate with a small team of tradespeople with a broad range of skills.  For example, if an SME house builder only employs three brick layers, each will need a wide range of skills and experience.   This is a direct contrast to the larger house building businesses who t end to use gangs of semi-skilled bricklayers who can lay rows of bricks in a line, but only a few broadly skilled bricklayers who are able to competently turn corners, build arches and chimneys, etc.

With Britain in the grip of a serious house building crisis, this represents a great opportunity for our reputable and trusted SME construction companies – your country needs you like never before!