Great Ideas to Enhance the Safety of Your Workplace Today

Great Ideas to Enhance the Safety of Your Workplace Today

08th July 2020

A safe work environment can bring great benefits to your organisation. It can increase your overall production, streamline operations, boost morale, lower the risk of accidents, and reduce fine and compensation costs. If you’re wondering how to make your work environment safer, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the most vital ideas that you can implement today to enhance your workplace safety.

  1. Establish a Culture of Safety

Establishing a culture of safety in your organisation is very essential. It helps ensure all employees prioritise and are held accountable for upholding a safe work environment. It can mitigate risks and help reduce the likelihood of common injuries and illnesses in the organisation. To promote a culture of safety, you need to clearly communicate safety guidelines and goals to the entire staff. This also calls for the management and supervisors leading by example through modelling the safety behaviour they expect from the workers. When purchasing equipment and other products, consider the safety of your workforce. CE marked fabrications, for instance, is proof that the products meet the minimum health and safety requirements for use in different job settings.

  1. Effective Response to Reported Hazards

Workplace hazards range from seemingly simple hazards such as poor housekeeping to potentially fatal issues such as exposed electrical wiring and hazardous chemicals. Unfortunately, most organisations hardly fix reported hazards as soon as possible, especially for the seemingly simple hazards. If left unfixed over prolonged periods, such hazards could become increasingly dangerous. You need to ensure all reported hazards are dealt with effectively and within the shortest time possible to avoid other problems in the future.

  1. Employee Training

As an employer or a safety officer, you can hardly guarantee workplace safety on your own, even with the most efficient safety policies and procedures. You need to ensure everyone in your workplace is well trained in the importance of safety and their role in establishing and maintaining a safe working environment. Proper training helps fight against complacency, where employees tend to get the impression that work-related accidents can only happen to other people in other places. It will impact the safety attitude necessary to ensure everyone is concerned about their safety and those around them.

  1. Set Boundaries and Goals Together

Some employees could fail to effectively fulfil their role in maintaining a safe work environment if they feel that something has been ‘imposed’ on them in some way. One way to prevent this from happening is if you’d set boundaries and safety goals together with your employees. This will make them feel more committed to the boundaries and goals since they contributed to them.

  1. Enforce, Listen and Evaluate

Workplace safety is a constant responsibility that demands constant attention. It’s imperative that you regularly review your safety procedures and adjust them as needed. You also need to conduct regular safety audits to identify and fix any problems before they become fatal. Employees encounter potential hazards in their daily experiences and most certainly have constructive ideas for addressing them. It’s your responsibility as the employer to solicit input from your employees and implement the relevant ideas. However, some employees may feel uncomfortable expressing their concerns with the management. In such circumstances, you can introduce anonymous suggestion boxes or implement an open-door policy to encourage them to share their safety concerns.