Get your Construction Project Up and Running

Get your Construction Project Up and Running

12th June 2017

When setting up a new construction project there is so much to do, so many issues to keep on top of, that it can at first seem pretty overwhelming.  We’ve prepared a list of five top tips that you can use to make sure that the construction project gets off to a flying start.

Get on the Same Track

Make sure that you align yourself and your project with designers, architects, builders and engineers who share the same vision as you do.  While this might seem a bit of a no brainer, it’s surprising how often this is overlooked at the beginning of a new construction project.  Working with a group of people who all understand your requirements and want to help guide your project towards a successful outcome is an essential first step.

Don’t get Bogged Down on Price

In the construction industry, as with just about every other sector, spending less money usually means getting less in the way of both services and products – you get what you pay for.  While lower costs might seem to make it easier to bring in the project on budget, you’ll need to consider the implications of overruns, project delays and the opportunity cost of working with partners who are unable to deliver on time and on budget.  Spend some time on preparation and look for contractors and partners with a good reputation for delivering as promised.

Make the Most of your Established Relationships

If you already have a track record with certain project partners that will put you well on the road to success.  Try to make sure you’re able to work with contractors who have already earned your trust on past projects.  Choosing partners who you know will keep your own interests at the forefront and don’t shy away from accountability is essential for success.

Keep it Rolling

Designing and constructing a new building is a complicated process – it really isn’t a simple undertaking.  However well you plan, you’ll still need to be prepared to adapt your plans if unforeseen events appear to throw a spanner in the works.  Keep yourself and your plans as flexible as possible at all times.

Consider Making it Modular

The modular building industry may be the way forward – it’s becoming an increasingly popular way in which to build.  Modular construction is very often faster, more cost effective and greener than traditional building methods.  New building techniques and cutting edge developments in materials mean that modular really is a progressive way of building these days.

Remember, if you’re in charge of setting up a construction project, you have a lot of things to remember and many issues to keep under control.  A five point plan like this should help to make things a little easier and get your project off to a great beginning.