Get on Your Bike!

Get on Your Bike!

17th December 2015

The Construction Industry Cycling Commission (CICC) recently published its 10 point manifesto advocating for cycle safety to become part of the accreditation process for the Considerate Constructors Scheme.  This has come in the wake of research commissioned by the CICC which discovered that construction HGVs are involved in more than half (57%) of all fatal cycling accidents in London, despite the fact that HGVs only account for 3.5% of the traffic. 

The CICC was launched by a group of friends and clients of Francis Golding, a leading town planning consultant who was killed in a cycling accident in November, 2013.  The aim of the CICC is to identify the cause of the inordinate number of accidents involving cyclists and HGVs and reduce the death toll of vulnerable road users on the streets of London. 

According to Mike Hussey, the Chairman of the CICC this level of cycling accidents is “simply unacceptable”.  Research carried out by Transport for London (TfL) showed that there is a large number of blind spots in construction vehicle cabs.  Moreover, the research revealed that road safety is not considered as important as site safety and there is no industry standard for safety features. 

As London continues to expand and the volume of building and cycling increases, this problem needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.  TfL has set up the Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety group (CLOCS) which has collaborated with representatives of the construction sector to improve the performance of HGVs.  CLOCS also campaigns for improvements in the design and manufacture of HGV vehicles, calling for training, the encouragement of good practice and the control of peak hour movements with Lorries being routed along roads agreed upon by the local authority.

The CICC Manifesto

1.      For all property developers and contractors to recognise that health and safety on the road is just as important as it is on site.

2.      For cycle safety to be part of the Considerate Constructors’ accreditation, ensuring that lorries have the requisite safety features and that drivers are properly trained.

3.      For the industry to adopt the CLOCS standard as a default requirement on all construction schemes in London and other cities in the UK

4.      For property developers to deploy safety advice for cyclists and drivers on hoardings and wraps of new developments.

5.      For investment in safer vehicles to be made ahead of regulation.

6.      For the construction industry to fast track discussion and action on changes to vehicle safety, to include retrofitting of older vehicles and rescheduling of journeys to avoid peak traffic times.

7.      For design professionals to undergo enhanced training in the design and planning of safer environments for vulnerable road users.

8.      For the construction industry to support training for all road users.

9.      For the construction industry to support the campaign for greater separation between cyclists and HGVs in time and/or space at junctions and on links and to disseminate information on the primary routes used by HGVs.

10.  For the construction industry to support more detailed research into and to understand the circumstances surrounding cyclist/lorry collisions to identify the root cause of near misses, injuries and fatalities.