Free Standing Step Units – Get The Best

Free Standing Step Units – Get The Best

10th December 2013

We all know that working at the right height is the best way of staying safe in any industry.  Stretching or bend to reach areas that aren’t so readily accessible can cause all sorts of health problems, including Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).  Moreover, if you have to stretch to reach your work area, then you’re at risk.  This is never more so than if you’re working at height.  Working at height doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re way up in the sky, working on tall structures and roofs of buildings.  Working at height also means working on a platform just a couple of feet above the ground or above the surface where the main body of work takes place.  For these sorts of tasks, a step unit is essential to ensure worker safety and comfort. 

There are step units available that will provide access solutions in all types of circumstances – for working on ducting, pipe work, gutters, parapet walls and cable trays.  The health and safety of workers is the prime issue on these occasions, so ensuring that they can work safely and comfortably from the correct height is essential.  This is where free standing step units can provide the appropriate solution.

Many safety equipment fabricators offer bespoke step unit solutions and have been doing so for years.  This means that they are likely to have developed a comprehensive working knowledge of what would work best in any situation – whether it’s high-rise or low-rise.  The unit will need to comply with Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR).  An experienced fabrication company will ensure that any step units ordered are fabricated from the appropriate materials and can advise you on what would work best for your purpose.  The fabricator’s design team will collaborate closely with you to make sure that what you order will be the correct solution for the tasks at hand.

Buying a free standing step unit necessitates a lot of research to make certain that the unit will be a safe and secure platform for maintenance and other tasks.  Buying from an experienced safety equipment fabricator will help to guarantee employee safety in the work place.   You will be given a choice of designs, materials and coatings so that you can make sure all your employees are fully protected whilst carrying out their regular work.

A flat pack free standing step unit is an invaluable addition to many business premises and will provide access in many different situations.  Think about the tasks that the unit would be used for and list them, together with the tools, equipment and materials that will be used during the performance of those tasks.  Armed with this information, you can arranged an initial consultation with the fabricator in order to determine what type of step unit would work best for your business.  Whether it’s a free standing roof top step unit, a fixed step unit for access and egress to a building or any other type of unit, ordering a bespoke solution is the best way of getting the right type for the job at hand.