Freak Weather – Be Prepared

Freak Weather – Be Prepared

04th February 2014

Last week saw reports of a rugby match between Leicester Tigers and the Harlequins being brought to a standstill following the collapse of scaffolding due to a freak storm.  The match was brought to a dramatic early end when huge gusts of winds caused the scaffolding to collapse onto the pitch.  Mayhem ensued as supporters were evacuated from the affected area of Twickenham’s Stoop stadium as advertising boards blew across the pitch and presented a real hazard to all involved.  Torrential rain and hail brought visibility to a minimum and the continuing extreme weather conditions forced the match to an early conclusion with the score at 20 – 6 to the Harlequins.  Luckily there were no casualties that evening, but it could have been a very different story.

Incidents such as this just go to highlight the fact that the weather in the UK can be pretty severe and that temporary structures, such as scaffolding, may be at risk of collapse during extreme conditions.  It’s not just temporary structures either, ladders, safety ladders, work access platforms and steps can all present a risk during high winds and should be checked regularly to ensure that they are safe to use.  These safety checks are even more vital when we’ve experienced some extreme weather (as we seem to be doing at the moment in the UK).

Britain has already suffered its fair share of storm damage in recent weeks with plenty of households and businesses across the country affected to some degree . This means that repair and maintenance work is already underway in places, with scaffolding and ladders already in use in many places.  With the extreme weather expected to continue, this means that any temporary structures, ladders and work platforms are particularly vulnerable to damage for the high winds and lashing rains.

Regular safety checks are therefore more important than ever if we want to avoid accidents and injuries in the coming months.  Business owners and householders need to be especially vigilant in the weeks to come and check the outside of their premises on a daily basis for signs of damage or temporary wear.  Continuing severe weather is likely to impact on clean up and repair operations all over the UK and cause delays in carrying out the necessary maintenance and repair work.

If you have business premises affected by the severe weather conditions, or if your home has suffered any damage, then calling in the professionals is vital to ensure that all repairs and maintenance work are carried out safely in accordance with government legislation.  As a householder, you may be tempted to get onto the roof yourself to carry out minor repairs, but this is a risk not worth taking during such bad weather.  Minimise the risks to your property, your home, your family and your workforce by enlisting professional help to put right any storm damage.  It’s really not worth cutting corners to save costs in this instance – you may find yourself paying with your health or your life.