The Federation of Master Builders – What’s it all About?

The Federation of Master Builders – What’s it all About?

30th November 2017

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is a UK trade association that was established back in 1941 to protect and promote the interests of small and medium sized building companies here in the UK.  It’s an independent, non-profit organisation the works to lobby for the interests of its members at national and local levels.  The FMB is the largest construction industry trade association in the UK with more than 8,000 SMEs on its membership list. 

The FMB aims to offer knowledge, professional advice and support for all its members and works in partnership with other industry organisations to provide technical advice and promote high standards of work.  Members can access a wide range of business support services that will enable them to improve, increase and protect their businesses, together with access to free contracts and business helplines.

Each member is individually vetted and inspected when they apply to join the FMB and then undergo regular inspections every three years to ensure that they still have what it takes to be labelled a Master Builder.  Members are entitled to display the FMB logo which will reassure potential clients that their work is regularly vetted and inspected by industry professionals.  Membership also entitles you to a host of free or discounted services, including:

·         A free listing on the Find A Builder website

·         Health and Safety advice

·         Taxation advice and other financial advice, including advice on debt recovery

·         Access to business helplines

·         Technical Advice

·         Discounts on Employee Liability and Public Liability insurance

·         Discounted training courses

·         Exclusive offers from industry partners

All FMB members have to adhere to a strict Code of Practice so membership is a brilliant method of addressing the concerns of prospective clients.  Members’ credentials can be checked by would-be customers on the FMB website in order to make sure that they are hiring a building company that is reputable and reliable.  It’s a great way for home and business owners to address any concerns they may have about whether the building firm they hire has the necessary qualifications and accreditations to undertake the work being planned.

FMB members are able to offer clients a warranty from the FMB Insurance Services on the work carried out, giving home owners the peace of mind necessary when planning home repairs or home improvement projects.  For home and business owners alike, refurbishment and repair projects on business or residential properties are major expenses so making sure that the building company used is competent and capable is vital.  With so many tales in the news over the years of people being ripped off by “cowboy” builders, it reflects negatively on the industry as a whole.  Becoming a member of the FBA is a great way or reassuring prospective clients that you’re one of the good guys (whether you wear a white cowboy hat or a yellow construction helmet!).

Why not head on over to the FMB website and start the application process for membership now?