Fascinating Facts About 4 Famous Metal Objects

Fascinating Facts About 4 Famous Metal Objects

13th January 2020

In the modern world, we are surrounded by metal. It is easy to take this for granted, but a little bit of research shows that many objects made of different metals have incredible stories behind them. 

The following are four metal creations that have interesting stories behind them which you may not have heard before now.

Tutankhamen Had a Dagger from Space

The story of King Tut is still thrilling and mysterious to us even close to a century after his tomb was discovered. However, not everyone is aware that his dagger is just as interesting as his life was. For years, researchers were bamboozled by the fact that the pharaoh had an iron dagger that was made before humans knew how to mine this metal.

Further studies showed that the dagger had a high nickel content. This suggests that it came from a meteorite that crashed into the Earth. In fact, scientists now think that all of the metal goods made up to the Bronze Age were made using metal that fell from the heavens.

The Oldest Metal Object Is Over 6,000 Years Old

It is almost certain that we haven’t yet discovered the first metal objects ever made by humans. Having said that, the oldest metal items that we know of are pretty ancient. The current record belongs to a 6,000 year old copper awl found in Tel Tsaf, Israel.

This is a small tool that is made for making holes in leather or other materials. Archaeologists came across it in the elaborate grave of a middle-aged woman. The discovery caused shock among historians, as they had no idea that metal objects were used as far back as this.

The Oldest Steel Building is from the 19th Century

It is easy to think that the first stainless steel framed skyscraper is a modern structure. Therefore, it is a surprise to see that it dates back to the end of the 19th century. This was long before CE accredited fabrications and other modern standards were introduced.

The Rand McNally Building was constructed in Chicago back in 1890. This skyscraper was 10 stories in height and cost $1 million.  It was torn down in 1911 to be replaced by newer buildings.

The Weird, Possibly Ancient Piece of Aluminium

The so-called Wedge of Aiud is a controversial metal object. This is a piece of aluminium that was found by builders in Romania in the 1970s. It has been claimed that it is hundreds of years older than anything made of aluminium has any right to be, as humans hadn’t discovered the metal at the time this wedge is said to date from. 

However, some sources state it is simply a modern excavator bucket tooth that got broken off and then was discovered at the same time as far older remains. Without details of any further research on the matter, it is difficult to know whether this is genuinely an unexplained mystery or not.