Famous People Who Once Worked in Factories

Famous People Who Once Worked in Factories

01st October 2020

Not every celebrity started out in the field that made them rich and famous. In fact, some of the best-known people on the planet began their careers with unexpected factory jobs.

Ashton Kutcher Swept the Floor in a Factory

He is now a millionaire actor famed for movies like Jobs, Guess Who and What Happened in Vegas. But Kutcher was so hard-up early on that he sold his blood plasma to get some extra cash. A more sensible way for him to get by was when he took a summer job in a local cereal factory in Cedar Rapids, where he would sweep the floor.

He doesn´t appear to have stayed here for long or progressed from sweeping the floor to using a plant platform or carrying out any other advanced jobs in the factory. After this, his big break saw him move to New York and then Los Angeles before becoming the household name that he is now.

Ozzy Osbourne Worked in an Abattoir and Car Factory

Osbourne left school at the age of 15, but musical success didn’t come for him right away. Instead, he took on a long series of jobs such as apprentice plumber and construction site worker. Another of his jobs was in a car factory, where he is said to have worked together with his mother as a horn tuner.

He also worked for a while in a slaughterhouse, where he said that he took part in the killing of about 250 cattle every day. By the early 70s, he had become successful with Black Sabbath and would go on to have a massively successful career in music and on his reality television show.

Elon Musk Shovelled in a Lumber Mill

Musk is now one of the world`s richest people, with some lists putting him in third place, but he used to work on a tough job in a lumber mill for $18 an hour according to his biography. In the book, it is stated that he had to use a hazmat suit and crawl through a narrow tunnel to get started on shovelling.

He started his job shovelling “goop” and other residue with 30 other people. By the end of the first week, only he and a couple of other workers were left doing the hazardous job in conditions so hot that staying there for more than 30 minutes a time meant a risk of death.

Jon Bon Jovi Made Christmas Decorations

Growing up in New Jersey, Bon Jovi did different jobs such as sweeping the floor of a recording studio and selling newspapers. Another of his early jobs involved making Christmas decorations.

It isn’t clear where he did this, and these days around 60% of the world´s Christmas decorations come from the area around Yiwu in China. But if you ever see any decorations made in New Jersey in the 1970s then there is a chance that they were made in a factory by the rock star before he became famous.