Fall Protection – Learn your ABC

Fall Protection – Learn your ABC

07th June 2016

As a long time manufacturer of both access and fall protection equipment, we take safety seriously here at Safety Fabrications – you can see that by the name we’ve chosen for our company. Today we’re taking a look at the ABC of fall protection systems and how important it is to learn the basics. No, we’re not suggesting that you go back to nursery school to learn your alphabet – ABC is a vital issue when it comes to using fall protection systems correctly and we’ve come across a cool video that explains that in detail.

Besides safety ladders, walkways and other equipment that is designed to enable workers to gain safe access for working at height in several industries here in the UK, we also manufacture a range of structural anchorage points, or fall protection posts as we call them.

The Safety Fabrications Ascent™ fall protection posts are designed to be used with cable based fall protection systems conforming to EN 795 Class D and abseil access points to BS 7985:2002. This range of fall protection posts are specifically designed for attachment to a reinforced concrete background and the range has been created in accordance with the requirements of EN 795 and is backed by Structural Engineers calculations.

Our full range of fall protection posts include 9 standard posts: end, intermediate and corner posts each of which is available in the following sizes:

- Large (416 – 615mm

- Medium (216 – 415mm)

- Small (up to 215mm)

If necessary, we’re able to provide customers with posts manufactured to their own design for attachment to a wide range of structural backgrounds, including masonry, structural steelwork and structural timber. These fall protection posts are suitable for individual attachment or to enable the fixing of an abseil rail to BS 7985:2002. The Ascent™ posts are fabricated from galvanised mild steel and our prices include the assembled section and base.

In order to protect the fall protection posts from the effects of weather, we also offer weathering caps to fit our posts. These will need to be installed by the company that is installing the fall protection posts as the system is wired up. The weathering caps are fixed in place with a set screw. The weathering caps are fabricated using 3mm thick mill finished aluminium and they’re available in two sizes:

- Small – for intermediate fall protection posts (with an internal diameter of 102mm to fit posts manufactured to take end/corner loads).

- Large – for end/corner posts (with an internal diameter of 146mm for posts manufactured to take end/corner loads).

All of our Ascent fall protection posts are designed to be used as Anchorage Points and are vital components in any fall protection system as described in the video. Falls from height, despite strict health and safety legislation, remain one of the biggest causes of death and serious injury in the workplace here in the UK and here at Safety Fabrications, we’re committed to playing our part in making Britain a safer place to work.