Essential Skills and Safety Upgrades for Your Confined Spaces

Essential Skills and Safety Upgrades for Your Confined Spaces

08th March 2021

Confined space navigation is one of the common hazards faced by workers, especially those in the construction and manufacturing industries. Workers will at some point need to work in or move through confined spaces to perform their operations. Therefore, proper confined space management is integral to safe, efficient, and smooth operations.

Confined spaces vary across worksites – they exist in various designs and dimensions – hence it may not be efficient to implement a one-training regime for all confined spaces. It’s imperative that your workforce is given the right information concerning confined space hazards and proper training unique to your workplace operations. This will allow for safer navigation and improved worker confidence, hence increased productivity.

Providing Workers with Essential Equipment
Your employees need the right safety gear to maintain safe operations in confined working environments. They need proper confined space equipment such as hard impact protection, breathing apparatus, fall protection, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and access equipment such as ladders. Consider purchasing CE marked fabrications when choosing your ideal equipment to ensure quality products designed and manufactured as per the relevant EU health and safety standards. Training is also necessary to ensure the workers know how to inspect and use the safety gear.

Teaching Workers How to Navigate Confined Spaces Safely
Your workforce stands a better chance of safely navigating the confined spaces in the workplace if they are aware of all the potential hazards and how to avoid them. To identify the hazards present, you need to conduct an efficient risk assessment and inform all the workers working in or around the spaces of inherent dangers to beware for their safety and smooth operations.

If you don’t have a competent person to perform a risk assessment and provide relevant safety recommendations, you can consider hiring a confined space professional. Ensure the professional also provides relevant information on inventorying of these spaces for safer and smoother worker entry, operations, and exit.

Emergency Response Training
Accidents are inevitable, and your confined spaces may not be immune. However, how prepared your employees are to respond to emergencies is crucial to prevent more harm and save lives. Emergency response training is an integral aspect of effective confined space management. It addresses the necessary steps workers can take in the event of an accident.

The training should teach the workers survival techniques in such spaces and how to report the incident as soon as possible, including the communication equipment to use for efficient response.

Consider Upgrading Your Confined Space Management
Technological advancements have greatly changed how things are done, including in confined spaces. Reviewing and applying upgrades to your confined space equipment and management can make the site safer by reducing the possibilities of accidents and injuries.

To identify the ideal upgrades to apply for these spaces, there are several questions to consider. What upgrades are available, and do you have a sufficient budget for these upgrades? Does your workforce have the relevant training for the new upgrades? Also, do you have the right personnel to perform the upgrades on the spaces?

These questions should guide you to determine whether you are ready for change and if you have the necessary resources to get the job done. You can consult a professional for advice to ensure you’re on the right track.