Engineering happiness for the future of engineering

Engineering happiness for the future of engineering

30th September 2014

The UK construction industry is desperate to attract a new generation of engineers for the future and they are going about it in a pretty novel way.  Teams from some of London’s most famous infrastructure projects have been filming themselves as they dance to “Happy” by Pharrel Williams.  This is part of an online campaign to spread the love and inspire a new generation of youngsters to study engineering.

The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) was founded in 1818 with the aim of fostering and promoting the “art and science of civil engineering” and today it has 80,000 members around the world.  ICE serves as a qualifying body, a centre for exchanging specialist knowledge and to provide the resources necessary to support and encourage innovation and excellence in the field of engineering globally.

With an inherent commitment to promote engineering and education in engineering, ICE organises events and webinars on a regular basis and is a great resource for the construction industry as a whole. 

ICE has been hitting the headlines lately for its imaginative approach in trying to encourage young people (11 – 14 years olds in particular) to consider a career in engineering.  We need more engineers in the UK so we need some of our brightest youngsters to be choosing maths and science subjects at school.

Getting some attention nowadays can present a real challenge in this age of multiple media both in the home and on the go.  One of the most effective tools in the marketing business is the video – and if you want to hit the jackpot, the video needs to go viral.  Viral videos are not just about cats doing cute things – viral video is the holy grail of advertising and promotion.

In order to promote the idea of a career in engineering, ICE has kept up with the digital age and released a video.  Not just any video – a video of some of the civil engineers responsible for London’s most famous infrastructure projects getting on down.  The video features cameo appearances from such luminaries as:

  • ICE Director General Nick Baveystock
  • Deputy Mayor of London, Victoria Borwick
  • Sir John Armitt who oversaw the delivery of the London 2013 Olympics venues and infrastructure

With American singer songwriter Pharrell Williams’ hit Happy playing in the background, the video also features some famous politicians and civil engineers.  Even Boris manages to get in on the act – however London’s Mayor stops short of stepping up to the plate and strutting his funky stuff.

The video is great fun and, so far has had nearly 40,000 views and rising.  It’s managed to get people talking online, even featuring on some recent discussions on widely popular social networking platform Mumsnet.

Let’s hope the video is being seen by the kids as well as the parents – after all, they are the target audience.  Good luck to ICE in its endeavours from all of us here at Safety Fabrications.