Energetic Music Stars Who Have Famously Climbed Stuff (and One Has Acrophobia)

Energetic Music Stars Who Have Famously Climbed Stuff (and One Has Acrophobia)

31st March 2020

Not every music star is happy to perform at the level of the stage. Some memorable moments have occurred when singers and musicians decided to climb that little bit higher.

Bono Liked to Climb Scaffolding

Bono used to be seen as frequently above the stage as on it. The U2 singer had a habit of climbing any type of scaffolding that he could find on or near the stage.

This happened in the early stages of their career, such as during 1983’s global War tour. In May of that year, they performed in Denver and the singer climbed 150 feet up the scaffolding supporting the lights to plant the Irish flag and a white flag.

Bono risked serious injury on several occasions by climbing so high. The rest of the band are said to have got angry with him over this, causing him to eventually stop his climbing antics.

David Lee Roth Is a Fan of Rock Climbing

The Van Halen singer famously appeared on the cover of the Skyscraper album climbing Half Dome in the Yosemite Valley. The photo shoot was nerve-racking but Roth has had plenty of more enjoyable climbing experiences over the years.

He is particularly fond of climbing the rocks in New York’s Central Park. Roth has also had his fair share of difficult moments. He has admitted in interviews that he used to fly all over the world in the late 70s to climb, when the group started to make money.

His adventures including almost dying on a mountain in the Himalayas, losing two teeth when he caught dengue fever and having seven structural surgeries due to accidents. Yet, he keeps going back for more.

Beyoncé Had to Climb Down a Ladder in Heeled Boots

One star who would rather not have done any climbing was Beyoncé. Thankfully, the singer only had to climb down a ladder rather than go up one, but she still needed a lot of persuading to do this.

It happened in a stadium in Poland, when the flying stage part of her show broke down while she was singing "Young Forever". The backstage crew sprung to her rescue. Instead of a simple step unit though, they had to hoist a fairly long ladder up to reach her.

Beyoncé looked a little bit uneasy as this action unfolded in the Stadion Narodowy, in Warsaw. However, she climbed down after being encouraged to do so by the crew, despite wearing heeled boots.

Angus Young Is Always Looking for Things to Climb

When he isn’t writhing around on the floor or doing his crazy duck walk, the AC/DC guitarist can often be found a few feet higher up than the rest of the band. This is because he loves to climb up on top of his amp, speaker stack or any type of platform to play solos.

Yet, an incident in 1986 revealed that Young suffers from acrophobia – a fear of heights. This was evident when he was suspended from a second-floor balcony on wires for the filming of the Who Made Who video.