Easy DIY Projects You Can Complete During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Easy DIY Projects You Can Complete During the COVID-19 Lockdown

02nd April 2020

There’s a rising concern of COVID-19 across the country as confirmed cases and deaths continue to rise. The government has placed measures to maintain the highest levels of safety and prevent the deadly virus from spreading further. Everyone has been advised to stay at home unless it is really necessary.

There are several easy and quick projects that you can complete at home during the lockdown. Below is a list of some of these projects.


  1. Conduct a Roof Inspection

The spring brings warm weather and also potential problems to your roof. This is the season when most roofing problems become visible. Inspecting your roof during springtime is essential to spot and remedy any issues as soon as possible. You need to conduct a thorough inspection of all aspects, including gutters and shingles. You should then attempt to fix the issues that can be fixed without the need for a professional.


  1. Check the Seals Around Windows and Doors

This can be a quick and easy project that you can do. Check for any gaps around your windows and doors. Draughts can cost you tens and hundreds of pounds every year in additional heating. You should make arrangements to close all the gaps to enhance energy efficiency in your home. Depending on the height and style of your home, you may need safety ladders to get the job done faster and safely.


  1. Deep Clean Your Flooring

Now that you'll be spending most of your time at home, why not take time to deep clean your flooring? You’ll need to clean the tiles and grout between the tiles. You can use your worn-out electric toothbrush and some dish detergent to clean the grout. For wood and wood laminate floors, clean using vinegar mixed with warm water. But ensure to remove water as quickly as possible to avoid removing the finish or causing discolouration and warping. When cleaning sheet vinyl flooring, you can simply use a damp mop with a vinyl floor cleaner. But if there are stains or marks that won’t come off, you may use mild solvents such as isopropyl alcohol.


  1. Dust Your Blinds

Dusting mini blinds can be quite challenging. You’ll hardly wipe both sides of the slats without bending them in the process. However, you can use a pair of kitchen tongs and soft rags tightly secured around the ends of the tongs. You’ll then close the tongs around each slat to wipe away the dust.


  1. Clean Your Clothes Dryer Filter

If you’re experiencing poor drying when drying your clothes, it could due to a clogged lint filter. While it may look clean to the eye, it could be covered by a nearly invisible film from the dryer sheets. This film tends to reduce the airflow and forces the thermostat to shut off the heat before the clothes are dry. To check if the filter is effective, try pouring water into it. If it holds water, it’s time to clean it. You’ll need a stiff kitchen brush, laundry detergent and warm water for the cleaning.