Don’t Get Complacent in Construction

Don’t Get Complacent in Construction

01st August 2016

If you think that accidents and adversity are things that happen to other people but not to you, then you really need to think again, especially if you work in the construction industry where there’s no room for complacency when it comes to health and safety.  So many of us are of the belief that accidents only happen to others and when we come a cropper ourselves we find ourselves thinking “If only I’d paid more attention” or “If only I’d taken more precautions” or “If only I’d done a proper health and safety check before starting the job”.  The construction industry, by its very nature, is the most dangerous sector in which to work, even here in the UK where we have stringent health and safety at work legislation that’s designed to reduce risks and lower the number of accidents in the workplace.

One of the major culprits when it comes to accidents in the workplace is a failure to follow established procedures and making sure all employees are familiar with these through training is essential for any construction company owner or manager.  After all, you have a duty of care to your employees to ensure that they are as safe as is practicable whilst working for you.  This means not only ensuring that your employees have had the relevant training they need to carry out their jobs in a safe manner, but also ensuring that you have an emergency response plan to deal with any incidents that may occur.

Making sure the training is fresh will make it more effective when it comes to health and safety and it will also keep your employees up to date with current legislation.  You’ll also need to ensure that your emergency response plan is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it’s up to date (more to come on emergency response plans next week).   

If you’ve carried out some upgrades or additions to your equipment or facilities they will need to be considered and the emergency response plan updated to reflect this.  You’ll also need to take into account any changes in your processes and keep your lists of contact numbers up to date so that they are current at all times.  

Does your workplace have the correct types of rescue and first aid equipment for the types of work you undertake?  Is the equipment inspected and maintained on a regular basis – this is of vital importance.  The equipment should be properly stored and easily accessible in case it’s needed in a hurry – time is always of the essence when an emergency occurs.

In the event of an emergency or incident of some type, your employees are the first people available to act, so ensuring that they receive relevant training with a series of ongoing refresher courses is essential and it’s your responsibility as an employer to make this happen. 

Here at Safety Fabrications we take a dedicated approach to keeping you up to date with health and safety in the workplace issues so check back on a regular basis for all the latest developments.