The DIY Ladder Projects to Brighten Up Your Home

The DIY Ladder Projects to Brighten Up Your Home

06th February 2020

Have you ever wondered what to do with an old ladder that you no longer climb? Well, wonder no more. These interesting projects help you turn an old ladder into something pretty to use around the home in a few simple steps. 

Make a Stand for Your Plant Pots

One of the easiest projects is to put your plant pots on the unwanted ladder. This is ideal for an old stepladder, as you only need to choose its location and arrange some of your favourite plants on it.

You may want to leave the ladder as it is for the rustic look, but you could paint it so that it blends in better, so long as it is in good enough condition to stand straight and to support the weight of the pots.

Use a Ladder as a Small Table

If you have a small ladder or step unit then this could be perfect for a new life as a table. For example, locating it in your bedroom as a handy bedside table could add character to the room.

Choosing the right height and style is crucial; not every ladder works well as a table, however if you find the perfect one then it could become a focal point in the room from now on.

Organise your Books

Everyone who loves reading books needs somewhere special to store and organise them. What better object than a character-filled step ladder to put them on? This is far more interesting than buying a bookcase or putting up wooden shelves.

Every time you pull out a new book to read, it will feel like a special occasion. The pleasure of reading is even greater when you have a special place such as this to keep your books. If you have longer ladders, you could even hang them horizontally on the wall for a unique look.

Hang Towels from It

Do you need a new towel rail for the bathroom? An unwanted ladder can be transformed into a cool towel rail that adds an extra touch of style to this room. Just fold your towels over the steps for a practical, pretty storage solution.

A lot of people paint their ladders white when using them for this purpose. However, in some cases a natural wooden colour, black or even a metallic look could work really well.

Get a Rustic Chandelier

A more challenging use of an old ladder sees it suspended from the roof with a set of lights hanging from it. This converts it into a type of rustic chandelier that is sure to attract comments from all of your visitors.

It is perhaps ideal for putting over a dining room table. However, it could work well in any other room where you wish to add an unusual feature from a ladder that you no longer use.