Digital Solutions for Construction Projects

Digital Solutions for Construction Projects

09th April 2015

Here at Safety Fabrications we like to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening within the construction industry so that we can bring you all the relevant and useful news, especially when the news is geared towards enhancing health and safety on the work site. We recently came across a news report about a great new product that will add an extra element of safety to the construction business across all parts of this high risk sector. High visibility vests are being developed which go above and beyond the call of duty by flashing to warn workers of hazards.


The SmartVest is equipped with strips of LED lights which are able to flash different colours to warn workers of a number of different risks, with each colour correlating to a specific type of hazard. The SmartVest was developed by software specialist 3Squared, a technology consultancy company that aims to offer innovative software solutions, services and expert knowledge. 3Squared has been producing award winning products since its launch 15 years ago and its products are used by companies world-wide to improve the communication of important information, track assets and improve processes. This type of technology is known as telematics and in the future we’re likely to see an increasing number of telematics solutions within the construction industry.


The SmartVest is on its way and it’s sure to be a hit on construction sites across the UK and abroad. Workers will be warned by their flashing lights of dangers like oncoming trains on rail sites or when they enter a danger zone as mapped out on the 3Squared “SmartSafe” virtual zone management platform. The vests all link up to 3Squared’s site management system and purchasers will be offered support packages to keep the software updated, fully functional and free from bugs at all times.


This is not the only technology that 3Squared has developed specifically for the construction industry. The company already supplies two useful products – Site Companion and Room Data Sheet Management.


Site Companion is a suite of mobile apps for use at construction sites which includes a site diary, photo and video capturing functions and the management of Documents and digital forms that is designed to be used by site operatives like project managers, package managers and engineers. Site Companion allows users to standardise the distribution of documents, drawings, manuals and communication which should reduce the administrative tasks involved in the communication process. This leads to an improved level of audit and compliance tracking while saving time and money on the process involved.


Room Data Sheet Management provides electronic room data sheets that can be used for convenient web-based collaborative purposes across a construction process. Room Data Sheets represent a convenient storage system of detailed premises information for estate and property owners and allow the whole project team to share information and capture changes to the project in real time. An in depth reporting function makes this a robust and cost efficient method for developing Room Data Sheets on site.