Digital Construction Roadshows

Digital Construction Roadshows

25th September 2018

We’re all familiar with the Radio One Roadshows that many of us flocked to in our teens, hoping to get the chance to see our favourite DJ live and join in the mayhem and fun.  The Digital Construction Roadshow won’t be short of fun as it’s billed as a series of interactive, education and intimate networking events covering the key technology trends and challenges around digital take-up in our industry. 

The Digital Construction Roadshow will be hitting the road in a bid to raise awareness of the need to adopt digital technology.  Although the construction industry was a bit of a laggard when it comes to changing things up and making the most of modern technology, in recent years, the sector has forged ahead as construction company owners realised that not “doing digital” is no longer an option in the 21st Century.  The industry itself has come on in leaps and bounds when it comes to technology, thanks in no small measure to BIM and the changes it has brought to all levels of the construction process.

From the last week in September, all the way through to the end of November, the Digital Construction Roadshow will be touring Britain in a bid to spread the message far and wide.  If you want to keep up to date with the cutting edge developments within the construction sector, then you’re sure to find a Roadshow that is geographically convenient to attend.  Roadshows will be held in the following locations:




September 25th


October 24th


November 7th


November 21st



The Roadshows have been organised by Viewpoint, one of the UK’s leading providers of software specifically designed for construction contractors.  Events are open to both customers and non-customers, with current customers being offered a complimentary buffet lunch. 

For non-customers, the event begins with a light breakfast followed by a discussion about the top challenges facing the construction industry at present, with particular emphasis on the requirement to digitise the industry across all areas.  There will be Viewpoint product consultants available to offer product demonstrations and to answer any questions you may have about digitisation and software. 

The event will wind up with an open forum to raise awareness, promote further discussion and explore “recurring themes” in more detail. 

Attending industry events of this type can be really useful for those working in the construction sector.  These events represent a great opportunity for construction professionals of all types to network – you will often come across competitors from other regions who may become valuable resources for referrals and best practices.  Collaboration is the name of the game when networking - helping each other discover new ideas and sparking inspiration in yourself and others.  Industry events and conferences are very often attended by the brightest and best in the sector and your attendance will mark you as one of the experts in your field.

However much experience you have in your field, there is always something new to learn.  Running your own business can be isolating and these events offer you exposure to a range of points of view, keeping you up to date with new ideas and trends that may well impact your business or your job in the future.  The educational aspect of a conference or exhibition can offer you a glimpse of new ways of conducting business and help you to learn to become more productive and efficient within your field.