Crazy Tricks and Stunts Using Ladders

Crazy Tricks and Stunts Using Ladders

13th February 2020

Life is more interesting when you have a ladder to hand. If you haven’t yet realised that then a look at these wild stunts and tricks will show how much fun you can have.

Water Skiing on Top of a Step Ladder

This video is one that has to be seen to believed. The star is brave LeRoy Wicklund, who decides to spice up the already exciting sport of water skiing through the unusual process of taking a step ladder out onto the water with him.

The video starts with our aquatic hero calmly entering the water and then putting the stepladder into an upright position. As he advances, the 68 year-old manages to climb to the top of the ladder while being pulled through the water.   

The Japanese Firefighters Tied to Ladders

The Kaga Tobi Matsuri festival in Kanazawa is a wonderful event where skilled performers show off the skills that firefighters in the Edo period needed to possess. They are all dressed in traditional clothing from the period and carry out their tasks with incredible dexterity.

The practise of climbing ladders started in Edo – now known as Tokyo – when it was filled with wooden buildings and fires were a regular occurrence. This was one of the largest cities in the world at the time, and firefighters would climb their ladders to survey the land and assess the wind conditions. There are now events in different parts of the country to celebrate the tradition.

The performers climb dozens of six-meter high ladders to make acrobatic moves. Perhaps the highlight of the whole thing is when they perform the Flight of the Japanese Warbler. The men tie their feet to the ladder and balance themselves horizontally, at right angles to the ladder. They use a long, wooden ladder rather than a modern fixed access ladder.

The Indian Man That Jumps Over Ladders

A YouTube video from India recently took the internet by storm. Called an Indian style pole vault, it shows a man running toward a raised ladder and then springing off a board to somersault over the top of the ladder.

The event is said to be part of the traditional village games in Punjab. 3,000 people liked the tweet that introduced this stunt to the world, with many people expressing their surprise at what they saw.

A Man Balancing a Giant Ladder on His Chin

When a Philadelphia radio station asked listeners what they would do to win a Harley motorbike, Jim Stewart didn’t need to think about it too much. He headed straight for a 50-pound aluminium extension ladder.

His stunt involves balancing this ladder on his chin. He said that the most difficult part involves getting it off the ground and onto his chin. Stewart admits that he has been balancing ladders for 25 years, having started off with smaller objects like chairs and tables before perfecting his skills. 

The good news is that he won the competition and earned himself a new Harley thanks to his unique ability.