Crazy Buildings Made Out of Steel

Crazy Buildings Made Out of Steel

21st September 2020

Look around the world and you will see that there are lots of crazy buildings out there. Many of these striking structures use steel or other metals to produce unique shapes and illusions that are designed to attract puzzled glances.

The Cybertecture Egg, India

This amazing building can be seen in the business district of Mumbai, in India. It was designed by James Law and while it is shaped like an egg, the idea behind it was inspired by sustainable natural ecosystems that evolve on planets.

Widely regarded as being a symbol of optimism for a bright future, the Egg was opened in 2010. It has 13 floors that cover a total of 32,000 square metres, together with three floors of underground parking spaces. In terms of construction, it was made of steel together with reinforced concrete.

The weird shape isn’t just for looks, as it also means that it has up to 20% less surface area than other buildings, and distributes solar energy effortlessly through the interior. The use of materials such as CE marked fabrications is leading to increasingly ambitious buildings like this, as designers are no longer limited to straight lines and conventional shapes.

The Barcode Building, Russia

This isn’t the only building on Earth to be inspired by barcodes, yet it could be the one that pulls off the illusion most successfully. With a steel frame, this bright red building stands out from the crowd as it is set in a part of St Petersburg that is filled with grey, lifeless structures.

The barcode aspect is simply but cleverly done. Differently sized, dark windows that run to almost the full height of the structure are the lines, with windows in the shape of numbers above each of them adding to the feeling of looking at a genuine barcode.

It is probably one of those buildings that looks more exciting in real life than on a computer screen. Just imagine your surprise when you walk through St Petersburg and this giant red square with a barcode on it appears from out of nowhere.

The Dynamic Tower, UAE

Unlike the other buildings on this list, the 420 metre tall Dynamic Architecture Building, also known as the Da Vinci Tower, is still just a dream. When it is finally built, it will become the world’s first pre-fabricated skyscraper and the third tallest building in Dubai.

The most interesting aspect of this structure is that it is being created in such a way that each of the 80 floors will be set to revolve independently of the others. This follows on from the opening of the Suite Vollard in Curitiba, Brazil, which in 2001 became the world’s first spinning building.

The tower in Dubai is due to get its energy from a mixture of solar panels and wind turbines, with enough surplus energy produced to feed five buildings of the same size. It was originally planned for a 2010 opening and was put back to 2020 but at the time of writing no construction work appears to have begun.