Construction Training in a Virtual Learning Environment

Construction Training in a Virtual Learning Environment

24th April 2018

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a web-based platform for the study of courses.  It’s basically a set of teaching and learning tools that are designed to enhance the learning experience using computers and the internet in the learning process.  Live Classrooms use internet technology to deliver live, interactive lessons to students who can take part easily and conveniently from anywhere that an internet connection is available.

The interactive lessons between the instructor and students mean that real-time active discussions can take place and the lessons are enhanced with the use of simultaneous document viewing.  The courses provide students with the accreditation necessary to enhance their qualifications and take their careers to the next level.

Computerised learning systems of this type allow students to undergo the training they require at a time and place that is convenient to them.  It has several advantages for students who have the self-discipline to work alone and at their own pace.  The major advantage, however, is the convenience that the virtual learning process offers, allowing students to still attend full time jobs or fitting in well with family obligations.  It’s also a great way of learning for those who may be too far away to attend a college course for one or two days a week as there’s no need to travel. 

It is vital in 21st Century Britain that companies working in the construction industry provide training for their employees, supporting motivated workers who lack the necessary skills to excel at work.  As well as providing training to develop a skilled workforce, providing health and safety training will help to ensure overall site safety and reduce the number of accidents at work.  Capable, skilled workers are essential to the smooth-running of a construction company and to deliver the business with a competitive edge that will boost business in the long term.

An investment in employee training is an investment in your business – a way of future-proofing the company, if you like.  Taking advantage of the convenience of e-learning or virtual learning is a great way of delivering the training necessary for your employees without impacting the ability of your company to deliver on the work being carried out.  It’s cost effective and offers the flexibility necessary to ensure that the students can learn at anytime from anywhere they have an internet connection.  There is an extensive range of construction training courses on offer, some of which include some public training sessions conducted at easily accessible training centres around the UK.

With the skills shortage currently faced by the UK construction industry, virtual learning will be an essential element of ensuring that we have a workforce equipped with the knowledge and abilities necessary for success in the coming years.  Whilst virtual learning won’t address every aspect of the skills shortage, it will be a vital component in delivering qualified workers in some fields, for instance, health and safety training, risk assessment and compliance can be delivered electronically.