Construction School - A Great Opportunity for Children

Construction School - A Great Opportunity for Children

09th February 2015

In a brilliant initiative, pupils at a school in Wales were given lessons in constructions site safety while a team of builders are constructing a new, two storey primary school building.  Oak Field Primary School in Barry, South Wales (home of Gavin and Stacey) was under threat of closure until recently but parents and school supporters battled long and hard, campaigning to save the school and the local authority eventually reversed the plans to close the school.  The school had been badly damaged by flooding in 2007, leaving the premises contaminated and pupils being taught in porta cabins while repair work was underway. 

The petition to save the school was headed by local man, Mike Moore who organised a petition as part of the anti-closure campaign.  Mike went to great heights in his bid to raise money for the school, bravely completing a bungee jump from a crane as part of his fund raising activities!  Not so much working at height as scaling the lofty heights in order to help save the school.

With the school now safe for the foreseeable future, construction work is underway to improve and extend the school premises in order to offer placements to more pupils in the area. 

With the construction team close by, building expert Ivor Goodsite visited the children in their classrooms to instil in them the importance of staying safe while the foundations and brickwork for the new buildings are laid.  The interactive session was a hit with the kids, many of whom had pertinent questions for Ivor about the construction activities and it’s been revealed by a school spokesperson that the children are very excited to be able to watch the ongoing progress of the school being built.

This sort of hands on and relevant education is a great way of teaching the children to be aware of their own safety and to act responsibly while the building work is being undertaken.  These kids are being made aware at a very early age about the importance of health and safety issues in the construction sector.  We all know that the most effective way for children to learn is by example and this is a great opportunity for the children to broaden their horizons in a way which is not usually possible within the classroom.

With the children showing so much interest in the building processes, this is also an ideal time to fly the flag for the construction industry – no doubt many pupils will be watching closely.  They will be able to see just how much work goes into a construction project in modern Britain, watching the building develop day by day as they arrive at school or play in the playground during break times.  There are sure to be some pupils who will be inspired to think about working in the construction industry when they grow up – and they’re getting a first-hand lesson in just what will be involved when they do finally enter the workplace.  What a great opportunity this is for the children – a team of Bob the Builders at their school, demonstrating their skills and abilities in creating a whole new school building.