Construction Innovation Driving Progress

Construction Innovation Driving Progress

20th August 2018

We all know the old adage “Necessity is the mother of invention” (and any Frank Zappa fans out there will have listened to the Mothers of Invention at some point), and it’s as true now as it ever was.  Construction activity has led to some fairly awesome inventions over the centuries as man has always needed shelter and safety.  We’ve gone from caves to hut, on to rudimentary buildings made from whatever materials were available locally, all the way to modern high-rise buildings that adorn our cities around the world.  When it comes to building, it’s an activity that has led to so many cutting edge solutions and it still is at the forefront with new technology being developed at an increasing rate.

Construction and building activity has traditionally led to clever and imaginative players coming up with some pretty cool inventions as they strive to solve the problems they meet during their work.  The Pyramids of Giza are shining examples of going the extra mile to ensure that the project was completed to the satisfaction of the pharaohs destined to be buried within them.  Even today we’re flummoxed by how an ancient civilisation with little in the way of technology or machinery could have created these huge tombs which have withstood the twin tests of time and weather. 

When you think of the cathedrals that sprung up in cities across Europe during the Middle Ages, it’s hard not to marvel at how the construction teams managed to build such lofty monumental buildings using the tools and building techniques available at the time. 

It seems that having grand ambitions and the desire to create the impossible has resulted in leaps forward in construction techniques as the masons, woodworkers and labourers involved racked their brains and imaginations to find ways to make the impossible work.  The construction industry has always been right at the cutting edge of progress, using new discoveries in mathematics to find ways of creating enormous buildings that were not only safe, but have remained standing throughout many centuries and still leave visitors in awe today.

We’re currently experiencing a new wave of progress as we settle into the 21st Century, mostly spawned by advances in information technology that is changing not just the construction industry, but other sectors as well.  Indeed, the digital revolution is changing the ways in which we work and live so we’re sure to see some amazing new progress in many fields in the coming decades.

The construction industry itself is changing to reflect these digital developments – though many of the changes are in the way in which buildings work as a whole.  The requirement for more eco-friendly buildings (whether residential, commercial or industrial) is resulting in more sustainable buildings and more sustainable building techniques.

This is a really exciting time to be working in the construction sector, and for site workers who come up with innovative ideas that provide solutions to the problems they face at work, the UK Green Building Council has launched a Sustainable Innovation Manual that is aimed at inspi8ring construction companies to use their skills to find practical solutions to create new tools and methods at an industry wide level.  We’ll have more information on this next week, so follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get a notification of when the article is published.