The Construction Industry in the Digital Age

The Construction Industry in the Digital Age

09th April 2015

The construction industry must be one of the oldest in history – mankind has always needed shelter of one kind or another. We’ve come a long way graduating from caves to Neolithic stone huts and mud huts, timber and daub, all the way through to the modern buildings of today using the very latest materials technology and innovative construction techniques to create cities full of sky scrapers that would have left our long ago ancestors gasping in wonderment. There’s been a long history of inventions that have helped building techniques leap forward and now that we live in the Digital Age, these new inventions are fit for the 21st Century, not only making a difference to the structures we can build, but having a radical effect on the construction industry itself, particularly concerning the health and safety of all of those who work in this sector.


Today we’re going to take a look at some of the ways in which new technology helps to make the construction industry easier and safer than ever before. The increasing use of tablets and smartphone has allowed us to bring computerised solutions right into the construction site itself and this is revolutionising the industry in ways we could only imagine as little as twenty or thirty years ago. A tablet or smartphone can replace many of the tools used by architects, providing a powerful solution in a portable package. A tablet is able to act as an all in one:


  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Map
  • Word Processor
  • PDF Document
  • Sketch
  • Blueprint
  • Video
  • 3D model
  • Telephone
  • Calculator
  • Voice Recorder
  • Web browser
  • Weather Report
  • Memo pad
  • Flashlight
  • Clock and stopwatch

A tablet allows an architect to carry just about everything he needs in his pocket when making site visits, providing a powerful and useful toolkit when heading off to the construction site. It seems that whatever you need to do nowadays has an app that will provide you with a convenient method of carrying out tasks that would have been practically impossible on site not so long ago. It helps to cut down on administration time, allowing you to focus on the business in progress. Archisnapper is a field report app that enables architects to fill out a site report while on site and email it to the relevant recipients right away. This reduces the time that would have been spent sitting at a desk compiling notes and photographs and sending them to the appropriate people.

Over the coming months we’ll be bringing you more news of new technology for the construction industry and how it’s changing the industry for the better in so many different ways.