Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum Looks for the Way Forward

Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum Looks for the Way Forward

09th June 2020

In the post-coronavirus world, it is clear that the construction sector is going to change. With new safety measures to take into account, companies will have higher overheads and more time-consuming processes to deal with.

There is still a large degree of uncertainty over what the industry will look like going forward. In an attempt to help shape the future, the Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum (CICV Forum) has put forward a new consultation.

What Questions Are Being Asked?

This consultation will take the form of a questionnaire aimed at industry members, and looking at a variety of issues that currently affect the construction sector.

Alan Wilson is the forum chair. He said that to be “the voice” of the industry, they need to be “the ears” and listen to what their members are saying first of all. In this way, they can understand what companies want before making any suggestions.

The overall aim of this initiative is to create a situation in which the industry is fair and transparent, but also profitable for the companies operating in it. They say that want to want to cover issues such as the lack of margins, poor cashflow and low tendering.

Health and safety will also be a major area to be covered. With the new regulations put in place by the UK government, building site workers need to stick to the overall guidelines in terms of social distancing, hygiene and other important factors.

It is also worth noting that existing health and safety measures are still in place. Building companies can’t afford to overlook the need for using essential safety gear such as the appropriate clothing and a step unit or ladder for working at height.

The Quarantine Rule for Returning Construction Workers

One of the latest announcements by officials has been the rules for people entering the country and going into compulsory quarantine. In general terms, this new rule means that anyone coming here from abroad needs to spend 14 days in quarantine.

However, there are some exceptions that are designed to allow people in special circumstances to avoid this 14-day waiting period. For example, it doesn’t apply to anyone who carries out essential emergency maintenance work on the likes of electrical or rail networks.

There is also an exclusion in place for those workers who live in the UK but travel abroad for work purposes at least once a week. The same applies in the reverse of this situation, so someone who lives abroad but travels to the UK each week for work doesn’t need to enter a quarantine period either.

It should also be noted that travel within the Common Travel Area (CTA) is excluded from these regulations. The CTA covers Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. You only need to complete a total of 14 days anywhere in the CTA if you are arriving from somewhere else.


This is clearly a time of change in the British construction industry, as it is for the world in general. As such, this could be the perfect moment to define the way forward and ensure that the sector is ready to meet the challenges of the future.