The Construction Industry Best Practice Hub

The Construction Industry Best Practice Hub

28th January 2016

Back in March last year we reported on the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), which was designed to improve the image of the construction industry as a whole.  The CCS allows construction sites, suppliers and companies to register with the scheme and agree to abide by a Code of Considerate Practice to encourage best practice beyond any statutory requirements.  Monitors visit the registered sites, suppliers and companies to assess their level of consideration shown towards the workforce, the public and the surrounding environment to produce a report which highlights evidence of good practice and identify areas where improvements could be made.

The Best Practice Hub is a section of the CSS website where resources are freely available and users can share considerate practice by showcasing examples, innovations and case studies and it’s proving to be particularly popular with the industry, enjoying more than 38,000 visits during its first year uploading a massive 1100 examples of best practice.

Users who sign up to the Hub are able to search for best practice ideas in several areas, including:

·         Safety and workforce

·         Appearance

·         Community

·         Environment

·         Noise

·         Mental Health

·         Protection from the sun

The Hub has proved popular and useful within the construction industry and has had numerous examples of best practice uploaded by large contractors, SMEs and suppliers who all recognise the benefits to business of this type of collaboration.  They also take on board that this is a great way of improving the overall image of the construction industry, a particularly important issue at present as the sector tries to attract new recruits to address the skills shortage that we have here in the UK. 

Director of Group Corporate Responsibility for the Kier Group, Alan Smith has described the Hub as an important asset to the industry, saying that it’s in every contractor’s best interest to share innovative examples for improving the image and reputation of the industry with the public and customers.  He went on to reveal that best practice examples are not necessarily expensive or major, but that it’s the simplest ideas that are often the most effective – from green travel plans and bug hotels to restroom posters and well-being toolbox talks.

As more people in the construction industry discover the Hub, it’s becoming more popular as there are so many great ideas available there.  It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for inspiration on how to improve health and safety in the workplace, how to work better with local communities and how to ensure the wellbeing of your workforce.

The construction industry as a whole has been welcoming the changes and improvements that have been brought about in this Digital Age and recognises that collaboration is fundamental to addressing key issues like occupational cancer risks, mental health, tackling the skills shortage, encouraging innovation in the workplace and improving community relations.  If you work in the construction industry and haven’t yet come across the Best Practice Hub – why not head on over to have a look what it’s all about.