Construction Companies - Build a Powerful Brand with Social Media

Construction Companies - Build a Powerful Brand with Social Media

16th March 2015

We don’t usually think about the construction industry when it comes to social media. Social media is about networking, sharing, photos and Facebook, right?  The construction industry is not usually thought of as being particularly “digital” – most people in the construction industry are too busy building stuff to be on the internet all the time.  Well, not exactly, things are changing in the workplaces of Britain and this includes the construction industry. 

The use of social media has exploded over the last decade, and just about everybody is on Facebook nowadays, even your Nan!  However, social media isn’t just about Facebook, there are plenty of other social medial platforms – Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, to name but a few.  Social media also encompasses forums, RSS feeds and blogs – platforms which enable people and organisations to interact.

Having a website is not enough nowadays for a business or organisation – interaction with existing and potential customers and clients is essential for businesses who want to stay ahead of the game.  Building a powerful online presence is a great way of promoting your business or brand and, despite a hesitant start, the construction industry has caught on as more and more construction companies are recognising the benefits of social media.

Social media is all about building relationships online in order to maximise their exposure and connect with people in real time.  While Facebook is generally recognised as one of the best ways to connect with individuals, the use of websites like YouTube and Twitter are popular for promoting viral content like promotional videos, witty status updates and special offers. 

Social media is a great way of building online communities, communities of people who are potential brand advocates.  It’s the modern, digital way of doing “word of mouth” advertising, but taken to the next level because potential and existing customers can engage directly with the brand as well as with each other.  This means that if your company does a fantastic job on a project, the client is likely to share their experience on social media.  The best brand advocates you can get are satisfied customers. 

If you’re a business owner in the construction industry and you don’t do social media, then you’re not making the most of the opportunities offered by the internet.  Using social media and including social media buttons on your website is a great way of reaching a wider audience than ever before possible.  It’s not difficult and you don’t have to be particularly tech savvy to manage a Twitter account or a Facebook Page.  It’s just a matter of taking a little time to learn how to interact effectively with your audience.

Once you’ve made a start there are plenty of ways to spread the message about how great your company is.  You can use Facebook and Twitter to run competitions, ask your readers for their opinions on your products or services, host online question and answer sessions.  You can use social media to let your customers know about new products or services, special offers or seasonal sales.  You can also publish construction related articles, how-to’s, tips and advice.  All it takes is a little imagination and you can harness the power of social media to take your business to the next level.