Constructing Better Health – What’s it all About?

Constructing Better Health – What’s it all About?

24th May 2016

Constructing Better Health (CBH) is a national scheme here in the UK for the management of occupational health in the construction industry.  Here at Safety Fabrications, we know that most of our customers are employers within the construction industry whose employees work at height using access equipment like access ladders, mobile platforms, walkways, step units and other equipment that’s specifically designed to enable work at height.  Safety of the workforce is the prime consideration of any employer within our industry and we’re lucky here in Britain that we have so many resources available to us to help us comply with legislation and minimise the risks for our employees who work at height.

CBH focuses on five main areas with the following aims:

·         Setting industry standards for work related health issues to deliver health screening, a definition of safety critical workers within the sector and outlining fitness for work health checks.

·         Providing a construction-specific knowledge portal in order to offer consistent advice, guidance and support in the management of health related risks.

·         Providing a central database of work related health information which will lead to an improvement of workforce health based on reliable data while providing a benchmark for the construction industry as a whole.

·         The dissemination of information which will allow employers to manage work related health risks at a site level.

·         A referral process to specialists in the area of return to work and rehabilitation.

Operating under the belief that a healthy workforce is happier and therefore more productive, the CBH aims to provide employers with an improved way of controlling work related health management.  CBH has both the expertise and resources that should help employers to address issues such as absenteeism, skills drain and wasted time and money.  CBH is a non-profit membership scheme that is dedicated to help the industry as a whole to enjoy the benefits of a fit and healthy workforce here in the UK. 

Membership of CBH is available in three different forms – corporate, independent and self-employed.  Membership fees for any organisation differ depending on the annual turnover of the company, so there really is no excuse not to join.  In fact, annual fees for independent or self-employed members is only £25, a totally affordable fee, considering the resources available via CBH. 

Contractors who opt for Corporate Membership will have access to tools specifically designed to provide an interactive occupational health management system which will enable them to manage their employees’ occupational health requirements as well as that of sub-contractors.  Corporate Membership is available to contractors, SMEs and the self-employed, allowing access to the CBH database and card scheme – a scheme which provides employees with a membership card that identifies their individual records.  In order to ensure data protection compliance, an employer cannot access the medical area of the database but will be able to view the outcome of an employee’s health card which acts as a fitness certificate. 

For employers in the construction industry, membership of CBH offers a valuable method of accessing the necessary information to ensure that risks are minimised and that they comply with health and safety legislation.