Comic Construction Fails

Comic Construction Fails

31st January 2018

As the UK is once again battered by storms and the weather doesn’t show much in the way of improvement, we’re going to cheer up your mid-winter miseries with a light hearted look at some of the construction “fails” that we’ve found on the internet. 

First of all, there’s the second storey garage, complete with up and over doors that opens onto a sheer drop!  What the designers and builders were thinking when this was planned and constructed, heaven only knows.

Then there’s the house in America which features a dormer window in the roof space.  Great for bringing in the light and opening up the views.  There’s just one problem though, the chimney breast is right behind the window, leaving it totally bricked up and dysfunctional.

Then there’s the photo of a toilet that’s been installed right next to a hand basin which features a surround that blocks access to the toilet, rendering it useless for any business that needs to be done seated.

What about the misaligned bridge in Cleveland, Ohio?  One of the large piers that were built to bear the new Inner Belt Bridge was constructed almost a yard out of place.  The bridge contractor claimed that it would not affect the cost, safety or delivery of the $292 project, but the top of the pier needed retrofitting to relocate where the steel girders attach.

DIY home improvement projects often end up being a botch job, with the professionals having to be called in to put things right.  One example is the door handle that was fitted the wrong way round, with the handle poking out far enough to prevent the door from being closed.

There are several photos online of prefab houses in America that have been delivered by truck and placed on site so that the driveway leads to the side of the house, rather than the front door.  We’ve seen a really stylish new UPVC front door (complete with stained glass panel) installed upside down – that must have really taken some doing as the numbers are upside down on what is now the bottom edge of the door but at least the letterbox is still about midway between the top and the bottom.

There’s a luxury home in California that’s swish enough to feature two swimming pools side by side with a small tiled walkway between them.  To get across the walkway, you have to go over an ornate wooden bridge, complete with rails and stone balusters and no water underneath it at all.

What at first glance looks like a fail may actually be a bit of ingenious planning and is eco-friendly to boot.  It’s a urinal with a hand basin installed above it.  Rather than draining through pipes, the water from the basin runs straight into the urinal, flushing it and keeping it clean.

We came across a set of steps leading up to a warehouse.  The steps are complete with handrails for extra safety but, unfortunately, there’s no door at the top, just the wall of the warehouse on the road to nowhere.

And, last but not least, is the telegraph pole that was installed recently right at the end of some hapless homeowner’s driveway, preventing cars from getting to or from the garage without taking a detour across the lawn.

If you’ve seen any construction fails out there, why not get out your smartphone, take a couple of photos and share them with us on our Facebook Page or on Twitter?