Climbing the Ladder to Great Customer Service

Climbing the Ladder to Great Customer Service

04th July 2019

Here at Safety Fabrications we pride ourselves on offering all our clients the highest level of customer service possible.  This means that we are committed to working closely with each client to ensure Safety Ladders they receive an access solution specifically designed to meet their individual requirements.  Our dedication to making working at height safer is why some of the UK’s most well-known business and property owners turn to us to solve their access needs when they want to ensure that risks are minimised and work at height can be carried out in a safe manner.

As such, we were recently contacted by Premier Technical Services Group (PTSG), one of the UK’s leading providers of façade access and fall arrest equipment services.  Whilst undertaking a project for a Blue-Chip financial institution on a site in the city of Leeds, PTSG turned to Safety Fabrications for help with a solution for safe access.

PTSG’s site survey had identified that a new access ladder would be required, so they got in touch and provided us with the dimensions for the proposed location for a fixed access ladder in order to gain access to the building’s roof. 

Our team of experts studied the site survey notes carefully in order to ascertain exactly what was required.  We then advised that PTSG should use one of our Ascent™ ladders, combined with a fall protection cage.  We also suggested that a Platform at the head of the ladder would ensure safe access over the roof edge parapet, in order to protect workers at one of the riskiest points on the path to the roof areas where they need to work on a regular basis.  The upper platform on this installation was fitted with adjustable rubber support feet to accommodate the variable roof pitch.  Moreover, the bottom of the ladder features a load spreader plate in order to add an extra level of safety and deliver the most appropriate method of access to the roof level of the building.

Because all of our access solutions have been designed to make transportation and installation simple, the ladder was delivered in flat-pack format and was installed in just one day by the PTSG-trained engineers, thanks to the comprehensive Installation Guidelines that we provide with all our products.  All of our products are designed to provide a standard range of “flat-pack” components which can be combined to provide a bespoke solution under a wide range of circumstances.  In short, there’s something to suit everyone!

Once more, we are pleased to report that we’ve provided another client with a safe access solution catering specifically to their individual requirements.  It’s this dedication to providing our clients with a bespoke solution to their access problems that sets us head and shoulders above the competition.