Christmas Is Coming - Keep Yourself Safe

Christmas Is Coming - Keep Yourself Safe

25th November 2014

Without wanting to put a damper on things, we thought we’d highlight some of the dangers of the festive season – after all, we’re in the safety business and it would be remiss of us to neglect this important issue.  With Christmas fast approaching, we’re taking a look at some of the risks so that you can avoid them and enjoy the holiday season to the full.

Experts predict that around 80,000 revellers will need hospital treatment over the Christmas period, with falls, cuts and burns making up the majority of injuries.  However, on an even more serious note, some of these accidents result in fatalities, something to be avoided at all costs.

Some of the most common injuries seen in the UK’s Accident and Emergency departments at this time of year involve falls from makeshift ladders as decorations are put in place.  Whether you’re decorating the tree, the ceiling, the walls or the outside of the house, making sure you use the correct type of ladder for the task at hand is essential.  Once you’ve identified the right ladder to use, don’t forget to do a safety check to ensure that it’s in good working order – this is just as important in a domestic setting as it is in an industrial one.

Christmas lights are another major hazard at this time of the year and safety experts advise that you buy new sets of lights, ensuring that they carry the CE Mark.  To avoid the risk of fire, make sure the lights are switched off and unplugged before going to bed or leaving the house.   Christmas lights accounted for more than 350 accidents last year, whether from electric shocks, burns or falls while putting them up.  If you do intend putting lights outdoors, then remember to make sure that they have been specifically designed for outdoor use.

If you like using candles for décor, then always make sure they are safe and never leave a lit candle unattended.  If it’s the candleholders that you particularly want to use, then why not consider using the small, battery-operated candles that are available nowadays?

Hospital admissions due to alcohol related incidents soar at Christmas time, despite plenty of admonitions on the TV to be sensible with alcohol.  Driving after drinking alcohol is a definite No No, but be careful about operating machinery, gadgets, etc. – even if you don’t end up hurting yourself, you could still have an accident that results in you breaking a very expensive item.

Talking of gadgets, look out for the batteries too – in the past ten years 27 people have died from testing batteries on their tongues!  Hundreds of people cut themselves on knives or scissors that they are using to unwrap presents, so don’t use too much sticky tape, allowing for relatively easy opening.

Don’t get too fed up – there is an annual spike in food poisoning incidents at this time of year with the main cause suspected to be turkey preparation.  Current advice is not to wash poultry as it spreads germs around the kitchen.  One in five of us will risk food poisoning by eating turkey dinner leftovers which have been in the fridge for longer than the recommended two days.

So, heed the above advice and make sure you’re safe during the festive season this year and we hope that you’ll have a merry little Christmas.