Celebrities Who Have Worked on Construction Sites

Celebrities Who Have Worked on Construction Sites

07th January 2020

It is fascinating to find out about the normal jobs that celebrities had before becoming rich and famous. The following are some of the well-known stars who worked hard in the construction industry before getting their big break.

Sean Connery

This actor is fondly remembered by many as being the very best actor to ever play the role of James Bond. Before becoming the suave secret agent with a license to kill, Connery had already carried out a variety of different jobs.

He delivered milk in Edinburgh, drove lorries and even worked as a coffin polisher. His diverse CV also includes a stint working as a labourer. There is little information online about his time in the construction industry, but it is clear that he had no problem working at heights before becoming a famous actor.

 Whoopi Goldberg

This is perhaps a surprising name on the list, as the construction industry is still viewed by many as being male-dominated. Yet, the popular actress, comedienne and TV host showed that women can work on building sites too.

She says she started a brick-laying job simply because she needed to earn some money. Apparently, one of her tasks saw her helping to build a wall that goes around San Diego Zoo. She also worked at a funeral home in the days before she found fame with Ghost and other movies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

It is pretty easy to imagine The Terminator star carrying around large piles of bricks with ease. However, rather than working as a builder he actually started up a hugely successful bricklaying and masonry business with a fellow body-builder after moving to the US.

He started the company in 1968 and shortly afterwards a huge earthquake in Los Angeles created lots of work for him. In the end, Schwarzenegger became a millionaire from this business even before he made his way into Hollywood.

Long before he achieved fame as a rock star and reality television personality, Osbourne tried his hand at a wide variety of jobs. This included some types of building work but he doesn’t seem to have made a great success of it and claimed that all of his attempts to find a career were doomed. 

He worked as a plumber, as a bricklayer and in construction jobs until he found his calling in the music world. The thought of Ozzy putting on his hard hat and climbing up a fixed access ladder is pretty amazing, to be fair.

Noel Gallagher

The Oasis singer, guitarist and songwriter is another music star who worked for a while in the building trade. As a youngster, he tried a number of different jobs including working on construction sites in and around his home city of Manchester.

Gallagher says that it was during this period that he began to write the songs that would make him famous in a few years’ time. Try and imagine him lifting bricks or pouring cement the next time that you are singing along to Wonderwall or Champagne Supernova.

Ian Wright

This former England footballer left school at 16 and got his first job as a plasterer on a building site. He played football at the weekends and eventually got his big break, going on to become an Arsenal legend.

Wright says that if he hadn’t managed a career in football, he would have been a success in the construction business. He puts this down to his work ethic and how he put in his best efforts to delivering a great job every time.