Buying A Plant Platform – A Business Owner's Guide

Buying A Plant Platform – A Business Owner's Guide

12th May 2014

A plant platform is an elevated work platform (often mobile) that can be used to gain access in a wide variety of situations in just about every industry.  It offers workers a safe way of reaching areas in both commercial and industrial premises across the UK.  Plant platforms are used to access hard to reach areas in several applications, including:

  • access to air conditioning and/or ventilation equipment
  • food and beverage production plants
  • industrial products/manufacturing plants
  • chemical plants
  • laboratories
  • access for services and support applications

Many employers or business owners use a plant platform in order to ensure that their workforce have a safe method of access in order to perform particular tasks, either on a daily or less regular basis.  If a ladder is just not up to the job for any reason, then a plant platform could be the ideal alternative solution.  If employees need to access equipment or materials at an elevated level, then it’s possible to have a plant platform tailor made for the job.  A custom built plant platform can provide a great bespoke solution in all manner of situations.  Any plant platform that is custom-built will need to comply with UK Health and Safety Regulations and members of staff who will be expected to use the platform will need to undergo special training in safe use of this type of equipment.

Although business owners may be tempted to buy a used plant platform to save on costs, this could well represent a false economy.  Not all plant platforms are manufactured to a high standard and buying second hand equipment could mean that the equipment no longer complies with any updated health and safety regulations.  With employee safety being a vital consideration for employers in the UK, cutting costs in this way may well leave your workforce at risk.
Choosing to have a new plant platform could be much cheaper than you would think.  You would need to liaise with planners/architects to make sure that the plant platform you choose is the right solution to suit your needs.   A bespoke plant platform for your business will be an investment that could well save you money in the long term.  A new piece of equipment which meets all current health and safety legislation is likely to last much longer than a piece of used equipment.  It will be cheaper to install and you won’t need to buy any extra fixtures and fittings to make the platform work for your application needs.

Look for a UK based fabrication company that offers bespoke plant platform solutions and as their advice on what would work best for your business.  They should have a design team that can advise you on the best solution to choose that will offer your workforce a safe and comfortable way of accessing areas that are hard to reach.  After listening to what it is you need, they will have the expertise and experience needed to offer you the best solution possible within your budget.