Business Benefits of Staff Training in the Construction Industry

Business Benefits of Staff Training in the Construction Industry

23rd July 2018

With the construction industry here in the UK facing a burgeoning skills shortage that’s predicted to get worse over the coming years, construction company owners often find it challenging to hire a workforce that has the skills and knowledge necessary to complete projects.  A career in construction has not seemed an attractive option for school leavers in the past few decades and skills that were once taken for granted are becoming a rarity in some areas.  As the ageing workforce has moved into retirement, finding replacements from a dwindling pool of qualified workers could lead to business owners turning down work because they don’t’ have the skilled staff to do the job.

However, in recent years progress in construction techniques and materials and changes in health and safety legislation have resulted in stricter qualification requirements for construction workers and it’s often the case that these qualifications will need updating or renewing on a fairly regular basis.  For construction company owners, arranging for your employees to undergo training courses can only benefit your business and enable you to take on new projects with confidence, knowing your workforce has the skills and knowledge to ensure that the job is done to an excellent standard and complies with current construction legislation.

Just take a look at the benefits that arranging workforce training will bring for your business:

  • As a business owner you can choose what skills your employees are trained in and ensure that your workforce has the skills necessary for your business operations.
  • Training your workforce will result in an enhanced level of customer service which will lead to a better reputation for your business.
  • Ensuring that your employees gain new qualifications is a great way of demonstrating your commitment towards your workforce which will improve staff loyalty and increase staff retention.
  • A fully trained workforce is more likely to be motivated and more productive, resulting in smoother operations and fewer mistakes.
  • Qualified workers are less likely to need supervision which reduces the workload of your site supervisors.
  • A fully trained workforce means that new employees enjoy increased levels of support and confidence during the induction period.
  • A company that employs properly trained staff will see a reduction in the amount of waste produced.
  • An adequately trained workforce will result in fewer accidents and incidents in the workplace, enhancing the health and safety of all workers.
  • A fully trained workforce will make it easier to comply with building regulations and health and safety legislation – your construction sites will be safer and compliance means that you can avoid the hefty fines that are now handed out for breaching regulations in construction.
  • All of the above will result in increased profitability for your business in the coming years.

As if all the above benefits were not enough, investing in training and the qualifications that are achieved from the training is the best way to invest in your business.  Investing in your workforce in this way is a great way to future-proof your business and steer your company towards success in the coming years.