Building Customer Relationships for Construction Company Owners

Building Customer Relationships for Construction Company Owners

13th November 2017

If you’re the owner of a small to medium sized construction industry here in the UK (and most of Britain’s construction companies fall into the category of small to medium businesses), then you’re sure to be familiar with the fact that as well as building houses, etc., you also need to build a customer base.  While you may be an expert in the building trade, to run a successful business, you also need some expertise in managing a business. 

While you may think that once the work is finished and the customer has made the final payment, nothing could be further from the truth – you need to make sure this customer chooses your company for any future work they need done and also that they share your contact details (and how awesome your company is) with friends and family.  After all, one of the most powerful factors when it comes to choosing a builder is word of mouth – recommendations by people you know and trust.

If you want to make sure your customers are fully satisfied, then you’ll need to offer a service that stands head and shoulders above your competitors (and there are so many of them) and develop an ongoing relationship with your satisfied customers who will be only too happy to add positive reviews of your work to business pages, review websites and on your social media platforms.  This is a really influential way of building your business and attracting new customers that will keep you in business in the future.

Keeping your customers happy when the job has been finished is a great way of proving to them that you don’t just take the money and run – you’re always available to them should they need your services in the future.  As you complete the job and say goodbye, make sure you leave your customer with contact details so that they can get in touch immediately if anything should go wrong or if they have any problems or questions about the work.  Adopt a policy of arranging Follow-up Visits (or phone calls) 3 months after the job has been completed to make sure each customer is totally happy with the job you’ve done – this is also an opportunity for the customer to ask any questions they may have thought of in the meantime.

This will give your customers the (correct) impression that you are committed to deliver a quality service at all times and feel that they are able to get in touch easily to discuss any concerns.  This is a really potent way of building trust in your company, the kind of trust that will demonstrate your reliability and excellent work ethic to potential customers in the future.  Your customers will know that you’re the type of builder that cares about your clients, and that you won’t turn your back on them if they have any problems they need to discuss with you.

Building better customer relationships is essential for any business nowadays, particularly in the construction industry, where you may be competing with “cowboy” outfits who give the whole business a bad name.