Build Your Own Project - What's It All About?

Build Your Own Project - What's It All About?

19th August 2014

If you’ve checked out our website, you may have come across our “Build Your Own Project” service and wondered what this entails.  Here at Safety Fabrications we’re well aware that some of our customers will need products that are specifically designed and built to suit a unique purpose.  Not everybody is able to use ready built access solutions for one reason or another.  It could be that your premises are not suitable for a ready-made work platform or access solution.  Maybe space is at a premium and you need something smaller than usual – or maybe your premises are so large that you need a solution that is larger or higher than the norm.  Some of our customers will need a purpose built solution for a particular application, especially if you have unusual machinery or plants in your work place.

In order to make it easier and more cost effective to provide our customers with an access solution that is exactly tailored to their individual needs, our Research and Development team have come up with the Build Your Own section.  We aim to take the stress out of designing, measuring and installing the access equipment you need with a range of products called Ascent™.  Ascent™ offers our customers an off the shelf range of components with the built in flexibility you need to create safe access for your employees in and around the work place.

Customers can create their own General Arrangement drawings to ensure that they get exactly what is needed to provide safe access solutions for their employees.  The pricing is totally transparent, meaning that customers will know the exact cost before the order is even placed – this offers peace of mind, especially when delivering within budget is important.  Once a customer has determined exactly what is needed, the Ascent™ products are delivered in flat pack form with all the necessary components and fixings to build the access solution that best suits the individual business needs. 

If you’ve had experience of assembling flat pack furniture you’ll know that not all instructions are equal.  Many of us have been flabbergasted by the sparse (and badly written or translated) instructions that often come in the pack.  Well, don’t worry, our flat pack Ascent™ products all come with installer instructions that are easy to understand and use.  If you experience any difficulties at all, we’re just a phone call away and will gladly help to talk you through anything that you don’t understand.

So, what are the advantages of using our Ascent™ build your own products?  Well, you get the access solution you want, tailored to your particular needs without all the worry and hassle of designing from scratch.  This is the perfect solution which will leave you free to do what you do best – concentrate on growing your business.