Blackpool Tower's Lights to be Switched On

Blackpool Tower's Lights to be Switched On

04th September 2020

You may have heard that Blackpool Tower's lights are being turned on today for the first time since 2019, but did you know that Safety Fabrications actually provided a supply of ladders for the tower? You can learn more about our contributions looking through our case studies! We have a handy link to the page here.


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Blackpool Tower is a local landmark that stands at 158 metres tall. Its lights, recently turned off for repair work, have each been replaced bulb by bulb, approximating roughly 6000 nodes. Its lights were first switched on back in 1879, and each year draws a crowd of about 20,000 visitors. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, this year's switch-on will be "virtual", reflecting the importance of social distancing in these times.


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Despite this, the lights will stay on for an extra two months, extending the celebrations into the new year. The person selected to flick the switch this year is a nurse called Fiona, of Bury in Lancashire, who was nominated for her brilliant charity campaign which raised £75,000, part of which was used to buy 200 iPads used to enable very ill patients to contact their relatives from their hospital beds. 


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