The Best Ladders to Complete Every Job in Your Home

The Best Ladders to Complete Every Job in Your Home

13th April 2020

You have several household and outdoor tasks that you intend to complete at home. But regardless of whether you’re a skilled professional or a DIY enthusiast, you need to always prioritise your safety while doing the jobs. You need reliable safety ladders designed to keep you safe while working at height and conveniently get the job done.

To help you make an informed decision on the type of ladder to use for different tasks, we’ve compiled a list of common household and outdoor jobs and the best ladders to complete each of the tasks. Please read on.


  1. Garden and Outdoor Projects

There are a lot of jobs that you can do in your garden and around the compound. Maybe you intend to trim garden trees, clean the gutters, or replace the security lights. You’ll need the right ladder for each particular job. Extension ladders are usually the best option for most outdoor projects.

If you intend to prune large shrubs and hedges or shape trees, however, you’ll need a high-step ladder. This provides a sturdy platform ideal for your stability while trimming with trimmers and chainsaws. But you need to select the right height to avoid overstretching and overreaching.


  1. Painting

Most interior and exterior painting jobs can usually be completed with a roller brush and an elongated handle. However, this might not be possible with larger buildings and homes with high ceiling. In such scenarios, you’ll need a step ladder to get the job done efficiently.


  1. Electrical Jobs

Electrical tasks can be very dangerous. When choosing a ladder to use for most electrical jobs, especially those with hanging electrical lines, you should avoid conductive materials. Experts recommend the use of fibreglass ladders, which are much safer than aluminium but strong enough to handle tasks you can handle with metal ladders. These ladders, however, tend to be a bit more expensive than aluminium ladders.


  1. Accessing Narrow Spaces

Attic ladders can be a great choice to access narrow spaces such as lofts, hallways, and narrow storage spaces. These ladders can articulate on hinges to establish an angle to the surface below. They ensure safety and convenience when climbing up and down narrow spaces.


  1. Emergencies

Flexible/rope ladders are a great choice for emergencies. In the event of a fire, for instance, the doors might be inaccessible and you may need to escape out of a window. These ladders can work great to get you to a safe place, especially when looking to escape out of a building with two or three floors.

Most of these ladders allow you to hang them off of the side of your window, though it might not be possible with other types of windows. You should, therefore, consider whether the design of your window will allow for safe hanging of the ladder in case of an emergency. The ladder should also be long enough to get you to the ground or a safe level.

The Bottom Line

It’s important that you observe ladder safety every time you’re using a ladder. Consider the weight capacity of the tool and always ensure someone is around you, especially when working on outdoor projects. Ensure to also always inspect your ladder before using it.